Winter Heating Costs Spark a Ventless Gel Fireplace Need

Summer is over and the kids are back in school. Shopping for clothes was an eye opening experience. Just like everything else, back to school prices are sky high.

I found a few sales and saved myself some money. But, I couldn’t get away with everything. Some shoes, supplies and clothes just couldn’t be bought on sale.

Reaching deep into my pockets, I found a way to stretch every dime and still keep on top of my other expenses. It seems like everything is just shooting through the roof. I’m wondering what the heating costs are going to be like this year.

Everyone should be worried about heating costs. Gas prices were ridiculously high this summer and even though they seem to be coming down, or the media is trying to make us think so, I just see them on a steady hold in the very high range. I don’t know how anyone else feels, but if you feel like me you feel the crunch.

Ventless Gel Fireplaces are the alternative to look toward this year when you are trying to heat your home. Fuel prices will affect the cost of gas heating and everything affected by fuel prices will inherently increase. Electric companies will have to raise their prices to accommodate their own expenses and that will affect your electric heating as well.

But, Sunjel gel fuel used in Ventless Gel Fireplaces is an alcohol based gel that evaporates into a water vapor. That makes it environmentally safe as well as economically sound. A can of Sunjel burns for about three hours and throws heat through the room even though, technically, Ventless Gel Fireplaces aren’t categorized as a heating source.

That’s the irony. I purchased one for my parents and I set it up for them. It came with a case of Sunjel and in no time at all, we had a fire going in their living room.

I had purchased the unit in August a few years ago because I wanted my parents to have it for the winter months. So, it was toward the end of August when it arrived and I put it together. So to show them how it works, I lit a can and we enjoyed the burning fire while I explained things.

My mother walked out to the kitchen and just lingered out there while I talked about all the fireplace’s features. It’s portable. It can easily go in any room. It’s safe. The fire goes out easily and if you fall asleep, it doesn’t throw sparks. So, you can rest easy.

It was about that time that I noticed my mother lingering in the kitchen and my father finally blurted out, “Ok, you can shut it off now. It’s getting hot in here and I’ve got the central air running.”

That’s when I noticed the heat myself. Taking the chill off of the cold winter months is all it’s going to take to keep your heating costs from running sky high this year. Having a little fire is far better than walking around the house bundled up in a blanket while watching your breath turn to ice.

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