Winterized: Home and You

Preparing for the winter is an age old tradition that even the animals participate in. The story of the ant and the grasshopper is a perfect example of this. People too should prepare for the winter, in their homes, vehicles, and even in themselves. Some preparations can even be made in advance. In this case the early bird gets the worm.

Let’s discuss some of the ways one can prepare their home for the winter. Caulking over any cracks that are visible in a home will help to lower the power/heating bill. Also, making sure the gap between the floors and the bottom of the doors in your home may help to keep the drafts to a minimum. A properly insulated home can also keep your family warmer as well as keep your heating costs down. A legitimate rise in electrical cost may be seen during the colder times. Making sure the home has adequate heating is also at the top of our list. Electric heaters, electric blankets, wood burning stoves, utilization of fire places, as well as central heating are a few examples of heating sources. Please read and follow all safety rules associated with these heating products. Also, clothing should be taken into consideration. Purchasing clothing for the winter in advance will help to cut costs as that many of these items will be on clearance or reduced pricing. It is vitally important that one keeps warm during the winter.

Preparing your car is a very vital preparation to make during the winter. If you continually get your car serviced on a certain schedule, adding a time during the winter is absolutely vital. Antifreeze in your engine to keep things from freezing should be checked on a regular basis during the winter. Adding an ice scraper to the emergency kit in your car can keep you from being delayed for an extended period of time to wait for the ice to thaw out on your windshield. Never pour hot water on your windshield as it may cause it to crack or bust. Your car is an extension of yourself and must be cared for as well.

Some miscellaneous things that can be done to prepare your home for the winter are small things. These may include changing the fragrance that you use to suit the seasons. Keeping salt around to pour on your steps to prevent ice from making people slip is another idea. In some areas where snow is heavy, a snow shovel may be required to keep your driveway passable. Emergency kits of random things for children to do in the event of a snow day is another idea of something to do to make your life easier. Keeping down your weight during the winter is one thing that can be done to consider winter time. People who color treat their hair may opt for darker shades. Experimenting with makeup and clothing choices for winter and using glitter will help keep you from the winter doldrums. If you are planning on hosting holiday parties, some neat ideas for the winter include inexpensive throws and hot chocolate kits.

Preparing for the winter is something all people should consider. Creating a warmer climate in the home, preparing and servicing your car with antifreeze, and having warm clothing choices for yourself and your family are important ideas. Some things can even be done in advance or at cheaper prices if considered before the winter rush. Winters can be harsh and deadly if not prepared for.

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