Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Riders with tropical climates have no problem in connection with winterizing their bikes for the obvious reason that they have no winter (which is risky to their bikes) to talk about. Moreover, they are very fortunate because they can use their bikes all-year-round.

Winterizing is a personal choice of a biker. He may or may not practice the same since it is mainly a product of discretion. But for those who are interested to winterize their bikes, here are some tested tips that they can bank on.

7 Steps to Winterize:

1.Before you winterize, check first if the bike has mechanical problems. If you have detected a defect, fix it first before you proceed.
2.The engine oil and the oil filter must be replaced or changed.
3.Fill the gas tank. Then add stabilizer. To gauge the right quantity of the stabilizer, consult the instructions on its can. After that, run the bike for a few minutes.
4.After the run, check the bike’s battery. Clean its battery terminals and connect a Battery Tender or similar trickle-charger.
5. Wash, clean, wipe and wax the bike.
6.Use motorcycle cover to protect the bike from other elements. Keep the bike in a warm garage.
7.Lastly, make it certain that the bike is locked up and its registration and papers are removed so as to avoid liability if in case the bike was stolen.

Ready yourself and your motorcycle apparel to action-packed spring adventures because by then, your bike will be in good working conditions without the hazards of the freezing winter!

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