Winthrop, Maine Travel Information Guide

Winthrop is a relatively large town located in Kennebec county of central Maine. It has slightly more than 6,000 residents. There are several dining establishments, gift shops, and other businesses, as well as a park next to the lake.

Winthrop has a bar & grill, a deli, a House of Pizza, and a few other restaurants. I haven’t been to the Winthrop House of Pizza recently, but the food and service was excellent the last few times I went there. There are two Chinese restaurants, both in the area near the grocery store. The China Empress offers take-out and dine-in service. I have been there a couple times, the food was very good and prices inexpensive. Ned’s Place sells breakfast, pizza, soda, and other foods. Other restaurants include Mia Lina’s Italian Express, Peppers, a Subway franchise, and Sully’s.

Stores in Winthrop include a book store, consignment shop, grocery store, and Rite Aid pharmacy. The grocery store has relatively low prices and is located across the street from the Cumberland Farms convenience store (which has a bathroom publicly available). There is a gas-station and mini-mart near the House of Pizza. The mini-mart has fried chicken in addition to convenience items. There are also two gift shops and a toys/collectibles store.

For lodging, there is a bed & breakfast and a motel. The motel is located on Route 202 and has a website, which can be found at It has reasonable weekly and daily rates, which are somewhat higher in the late Spring and Summer. There are a couple of campgrounds in Winthrop as well.

There is one taxi service in Winthrop. The Greyhound bus service has stations in Augusta and Waterville, but none in Winthrop. Airport Limo & Taxi offers to take travellers from the Portland International Jetport to Winthrop, or to the jetport from Winthrop.

Radio stations which can be received in the area include 104.3 WABK (60s/70s music), 91.3/90.1 (NPR), WMME 92.3 (“92 Moose”), and WFAU 1280 (sports). The Kennebec Journal newspaper is based in nearby Augusta but provides local news on Winthrop as well. The Morning Sentinel newspaper based in Waterville also covers some local news for this area.

Like everywhere else in Maine, travel conditions can be poor in the Winter at times, and Winthrop’s inland location makes snow or freezing rain more likely than rain. Be sure to monitor weather reports when travelling to this area in the Winter, and consider using a CB radio or scanner to monitor road conditions.

Other establishments located in Winthrop include a bank, post office, video rental outlet, and appliance store. The nearby town of Manchester offers a Dunkin’ Donuts fast food franchise, a car wash, gas stations, soft-serve icecream, and other amenities. Augusta, the state capitol, is a bit more distant but has a much wider variety of lodging, dining, shopping, and services.

More information can be found at the town office’s website,

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