Women’s Motivations for Breast Implants

With nearly 400,000 individual surgeries per year, breast implants are by far the most common form of plastic surgery executed today. But why do women do it? While your attempt to answer this question might conjure up images of a woman with a disproportionately massive chest, most women’s motivations go well beyond the desire for huge breasts. Here are a few of them:

Undersized breasts
There are many women who have breasts that are much smaller than average. They often feel as though this limits their options with regards to apparel choices, as most clothing is made for women with medium sized breasts. Breast implants can make a woman with smaller breasts have average sized ones.

Uneven breasts
When a woman’s breasts differ greatly in size it poses several problems, such as finding a bra that fits. It is impossible to find bras with two cup sizes and it is expensive to have bras specially made. Having different breast sizes causes blouses to fit improperly creating an awkward appearance. Breast augmentation by inserting breast implants solves this problem by evening the breasts out.

Breasts flattened by pregnancy
Women often complain that the physical stresses of pregnancy and the results of breastfeeding leave their breast sagging and unattractive. Breast augmentation is a solution that returns the youthful fullness that a woman’s breast had before their pregnancy changed things.

Unshapely breasts
Sometimes a woman is unhappy with the way her breasts look. Period. If she feels as though her breasts are not perky or shaped the way she wants them to be she may consider breast augmentation as a solution.

Emotional and social reasons for breast augmentation
Overall, most women considering breast augmentation are hoping for improved self confidence, an increase in social and professional opportunities, and more clothing options.

Final thoughts
While breast implants could help some women feel more attractive, I believe that self-love, self-esteem and confidence must develop from within. It is important to teach all women that they are beautiful, intelligent and special regardless of societies ideas regarding physical appearance.

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