Wood Pile Secret Hiding Place

Going on vacation and don’t trust certain people? Maybe you need to hide some things from someone who actually lives in the house? It will be easy to conceal and protect things like paperwork, money, collectible coins, stamp collections, and much more, when you make a secret hiding place. Make it outside, or make an indoor version, and you’ll fool anyone who sees it. A wood pile secret hiding place can hold a lot of stuff and looks just like cut fireplace wood.

Most everyone knows what cut wood looks like. First, the log is cut into sections, which are sized to fit the width of a fireplace – or a wood stove – and then those logs are split to expose the inside of the log. The split pieces catch fire easier and are less likely to roll. When you stack the split logs in a pile, they fit tightly together. If you have split wood – and a way to cut wood – it will be no problem to build a secret hiding place, which you can use for many years.

Start with a small file cabinet, or a short, small dresser, and use wood pieces to completely cover it. The best cabinet is one without legs, but with at least one drawer. Cut lengths of split wood to be the same depth as the cabinet, and nail them up one side, across the top of the cabinet, and down the other side, while butting them tightly together.

Cut lengths of wood into small chunks and use them as the front and back pieces for the secret hiding cabinet. Cut the end off of a piece of the split wood and nail it to the front of the cabinet. Cut another piece off of the same end, and nail it on. Continue in that manner until you’ve covered the entire front, and the entire back of the cabinet. Just open the drawers, cover the fronts, close the drawers, and then attach wood pieces around them.

To make the secret hiding place really convincing, stack more wood on top of the cabinet, around the bottom of it, and up the sides. Move a few pieces of wood around and you can quickly stash things inside. Put paperwork in zipper-lock bags; put other things in jars with lids. You can still enjoy your fireplace this winter but just get your wood from another pile!

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