Work from Home Job: Tips on Starting Your Own Internet Business!

Starting your own online business is no easy undertaking. Most of the thought that goes into deciding what products to offer your customers is one of the most daunting tasks. My recommendation is to really concentrate on your interests, and what could be marketable. There are many choices that go into your products because you will be going up against the large companis that buy in bulk and are able to offer lower prices. The easiest way to become successful is to find a “niche” that is unique in whatever products you’d like to offer.

The second major obstacle will be to find a good supplier. There are lists upon lists of wholesalers out there. Many people even offer information you pay for that list the wholesalers. In my opinion, these are a huge waste of money. You can get this same information on your own with hours of online research. When I began my jewelry business, I began searching silver jewelry for something a bit different and unique. There was a unique sterling silver jewelry designer in Australia I located, and I emailed her to see if she would be interested in working with my company. We basically made an agreement that she would offer her products at half the cost to me, so that I would profit too. This worked great for us both with this arrangement. Personally, I found it best to find artists and designers to work with instead of using a wholesaler that everyone on Ebay uses. Most artists love the idea of getting their work noticied. Offering to buy their products at a discount and “feature” their item descriptions and product photos, helps them sell more of their products.

A very important aspect of an online store is actually getting customers to your store. This takes finding the most common keywords for the products you offer, and entering these on your website. For example, if you had a sterling silver ring in your men’s line, you would have the most interest if you label the ring as “Men’s Sterling Silver Rings”. You need to use the keywords and keyword phrases that most people searching for that item would use in most situations. I cannot stress enough the importance of keywords. This is the number one way to get your website closest to the top of the searches. Getting your website listed with the major search engines is also important. You search out some of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others and list your website under the appropriate category. The only other suggestion is to do linkswaps with other similar stores. You contact store owners and exchange information such as website name and general description, and you both benefit from this link trade. Of course it is best to exchange links with stores that have a higher rating. This will get your website listed higher on the important search engines.

There is something to be said for owning your own business. Working from home is great, and doing orders in your pajamas is very comfortable. But the main aspect is the pride you have in owning and maintaining your own online business. And with lots of hard work, you may end up with a very lucrative business that you really enjoy!

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