Work from Home Scam: Data Entry Job Falls Flat

Hi, my name is Kim. Until the birth of our son in 2003 I worked for a medical management company for 4 years. After our son was born in 2003 my husband and I decided that I stay home and raise him. The company I worked for allowed me to continue working for them from home. It was a wonderful easy job that took 1-4 hours daily. I was able to take care of my sons needs and then return to finish my work. Recently this past February 2006, they decided due to financial reasons they were bringing the work in-house. Hence my story begins.

Since February I have been on the hunt for another work from home position that is legitimate and works with our schedule. I started posting my resume on every big name job site: Monster, Hotjobs,, and many more. I search on a daily basis at the various job sites. The best one I use to search is They have the ability to pull jobs from most of the job listing sites and put them all in one place. I like this because I can browse at one location rather than going to each individual website. I also search in my area on a daily basis. I was able to get a temporary job for 1 week listening to the radio for a company from Craig’s list.

The biggest thing I have noticed during all of this searching is all of the “Get Rich” promises. The majority of the work from home jobs listed on these sites are telling you to sign up and you will make money. First of all you should not have to pay someone for a job. Those companies are not really giving you a job, but trying to get you to join and promote their wares if they really have a product. Sometimes there is no real product.

Here’s the scoop. Everyday I go to, search on Work from home and browse the listings. I see the same companies and jobs everyday. The biggest one you see is the Data Entry job where you can supposedly make $200 – $500 per week. I have submitted a cover letter to these jobs at least a dozen times. The response I would get is basically the same every time. They also always come from a free email service. No legitimate company will use a free email service for their business. Below is just one of these email responses.

Thank you for your response to the Data Entry position. This is a job opportunity working from home.

Job Description:
Work at home
Part-Time or Full-Time
Earn $300 – $500 Per Week
Full Online Training

Computer with Internet and Email access
Good Typing Skills
Basic Internet Knowledge

This data entry opening is a great opportunity for stay at home moms, dads, or anyone who wants to work in the comfort of their own home. This is not telemarketing. No phone work required. Strictly data entry. You will be processing orders online.

This position gives you the opportunity to earn $300.00 – $500.00 per week. We are seeking only self-motivated people with the desire to work in this field. No experience is needed. You must have a computer with Internet access, a dedicated e-mail account, and basic typing skills. You can choose to work full-time or part-time and can choose to work the hours of your choice. You do not have to contact anyone. You will be processing applications, which will be explained to you in your training materials. Everything is sent to your email account. There is no contract to sign; the amount of applications that you choose to process is entirely up to you. As with any job, you must be willing to work hard and try to respond to the orders in a timely manner.

You will be paid from $10.00 to $20.00 for each entry you process. For example, if you process 30 entries in a week you make $300 to $500 weekly. The average person makes $500 per week. The amount of money you earn is entirely up to you. You will be responsible for keeping track of your earnings for tax time.
As we do not take out any taxes or provide you with a 1099 form.

The training materials you receive will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started. When you receive your training materials you may begin working on the same day.
There is no special software required for this position.

Method of Payment:
You will receive your payment through PayPal.
You are not going to be paid weekly; you will be paid for each application that you process. There is a ONE-TIME, non-refundable fee of $5.95 USD. This cost will cover the training materials sent to you. Once you process your very first order, you will have made back this fee. Please understand that as much as I would like not to charge this small processing fee, we must protect ourselves from those who are not serious about this work. No business can afford to cover administrative cost, wasted time or provide costly materials to everyone who inquires about this position. The Training Materials will automatically be sent to your e-mail after your payment is received, you can then get started right away. If you do not have a PayPal account click on the link below or copy and paste to create your account, so you can get paid for your work and purchase your materials.

Please notify us when you have made the payment, so we can be sure the Materials were sent.
Please send your payment through PayPal to our PayPal account address: If you need a referral to open your account you can use this email address as a referral.

Thank You and I hope you join our team!

Now with that said, the charge for the training materials range from $5.95 all the way up to $20.00. I decided to bite on this one because of the low charge for the so called “Training Materials.” It took several days to receive this training package. I reported them to paypal because I didn’t receive any response after I paid for the information. Finally, after 4 days I did receive the “training materials.”

This so called job is typing the same ad I answered asking people to buy the “Training Materials.”

I have even seen people start up web pages promoting this as a legitimate job. Here are just a few headlines for the job. Work from home Customer Service, Data Entry/Typist Position at Home, Stay at home and Rake in the Dough, Home Based Typist, Data Entry/Home Based Typist, Home Based Data Entry Specialist, Data Word Clerk, Work from Home and etc.

You will typically see these jobs posted on free classified or job listing sites. They even tell you in the training materials to post to the free sites. They suggest that you don’t post on the same site that you answered the ad on.

Please remember to watch out for any job listing where their email account is a free service. Never pay for a job. Try to research the company to find out if they are real. Check the Federal Trade Commission to see what information they are reporting.

It is an illegal scheme to sell something when there is no product or service. It is a “pyramid scheme” plain and simple, and they are illegal. You might even be breaking the law by posting these ads.

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