Working as a Credit Card Marketing Representative

Six years ago, I was penniless and unemployed, with less than three weeks until rent was due. I was frantic to find a job – anything that paid would do – and I picked up a Greensheet because I couldn’t even afford the Houston Chronicle. I browsed through the Office/Clerical section first, because I was hoping to find at least temporary employment as a clerk or secretary, and when nothing jumped out at me, I turned the page to the Marketing section.

At that time, I had no idea that Marketing and Sales were not the same thing. My mother had always cautioned me against taking a job that paid by commission only, so I was loathe to even call on any of the listed positions. Most offered instant wealth and incredible business opportunities – ads for jobs that I knew were scams – so I ignored those and called on an advertisement for Marketing Representatives at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

As it turns out, it was the best call I ever made.

For over a year, I worked as a Marketing Rep for Trendline Marketing, Inc. My job consisted of standing at a booth in the airport, talking to people and inviting them to sign up for the Chase Continental Credit Card. We offered free t-shirts and stuffed airplanes as premiums, and targeted business people who traveled thousands of miles a year for their jobs. I was paid $10.00 an hour, or $2.00 an application, whichever was greater. Most days, I averaged between 90 and 100 applications a day, which translated to $22.00 to $25.00 per hour.

And all I had to do was sit at a booth!

After that, I was able to move on to bigger and better things. The following year, I traveled with Nascar to thirty-two different cities, marketing the MBNA Nascar Visa. The company paid for my airfare, my meals, my rental cars, my hotels, and my gas. I made $1.50 per application, and averaged about 1,300 applications per weekend. I was traveling for free, living with very few expenses, working two days a week, and pulling in close to $80,000 per year. It was amazing.

The next year, I traveled with the PGA Champions Tour, and after that, I worked with Toys ‘R’ Us, Shell gas stations, and Kohl’s department stores. It was an amazing experience, and I met hundreds of wonderful people.

If you are afraid of marketing, and unsure of your future when it comes to commission pay, you might want to try the credit card marketing industry. Companies all over the U.S. are looking for new marketing representatives who have no problem talking to people and who have excellent communication skills. There is a large market for people who are bi-lingual, and people who have extremely flexible hours.

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