Working at Home and What It Requires

Talk to ten people and nine of them will tell you about what they wouldn’t give to work at home. Four of them mean it, the others are just talking the talk. Sounds good on paper, but that’s really as far as they are willing to go.

People tend to visualize the glamour of making money working their own hours. What many don’t stop to think about is that working at home requires commitment and hard work. You’ve got to love what you’re doing because it means making an investment in terms of time, money, patience and energy. It also means being alone a good deal and for some that aspect is not very pleasant. It’s no crime to need to be around others and enjoy the interaction but working at home is a business and requires your focus and attention.

Unfortunately, people who work at home can be abused. Neighbors think they are available for package pick-ups or even child pick-ups. Family members may think you’re wasting your time. Friends don’t understand how come you’re not ready to play when they are. Your own children may think because you are physically there you should be spending all your moments with them. It’s a tricky thing. (It becomes LESS tricky when you start making money).

BUT, to be able to commandeer your independence, your freedom of choice, the control working at home provides is nothing short of a blessing. No boss looking over your shoulders, no political games at the office, no having to hit the snooze button every morning and grumbling about how you’d love to stay home that day. Of course, with our nutty economies and job instabilities, working at home is becoming the choice of the masses, and who can blame us? It’s positively rapturous knowing you are making a financial contribution. It is inspiring just to know that your labor is being rewarded fairly from your own efforts. What can I say? Visiting your on-line bank accounts that prove it is some kind of heady feeling!

The Internet has made it easier and easier for us to pick and choose work at home options. It’s certainly given us more ways to fatten our wallet. The Net can also be very deceiving. Since most of us are always looking for ways to increase our incomes, it’s not difficult to fall for suggestive ad lines that promise instant wealth – or something close to that. When we see all these “free” offers, they become even more tempting. Just be careful – nobody’s giving anything away free and if they are start running in the other direction.

The most important thing you need to recognize is that working at home requires constant advertising. It can be time-consuming and you might even lose a little sleep. But what successful businessperson have you ever known who kept quiet about their business or wasn’t so excited about it they gave happily gave it their all? The competition’s brutal and you’ve got to put yourself on the line.

From my standpoint, working at home is one of the most fulfilling things you can do for yourself. I only ask that you look at it with BOTH eyes open. Measure the ups and downs. See if you really have what it takes – and don’t beat yourself up if you realize you haven’t.

However, if you come to the conclusion that working at home is a real dream then I say get going! There is nothing like it and knowing you are in control of your life is the icing on the cake.

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