Working from Home Does it Really Work? It Did for Me!

One year ago I was working as a Configuration Management Specialist for a large corporation, basically a Configuration Management Specialist manages all paperwork, documentation, computer systems, drawings, and anything else that makes the business run smoothly. My main position was to make everything work between 6 plants and all the divisions within the plant that I worked in could work together. I would spend approximately 80 hours a week working and away from my two children. I was always tired and never felt like doing anything. I also attempted to get the company to offer me a telecommuting option which didn’t work out well due to jealousy of other employees.

Needless to say when my health started to fail due to stress and never having any free time to spend with my family, I made an abrupt decision. Maybe I should have stayed but well why not just jump in with both feet. On July 12, 2005 I made the plunge and resigned from my position in hopes of finding something I could do at home.

The first couple of months needless to say were tough on me and my family, we had no income coming in and bills fell behind. I then started to research the aspects of telemarketing from home. Another term often used are “Work at Home Agents”, I fell into a world that I have never known before, I was able to schedule hours around my children and my time became very flexible.

I am not making as much as I was in the coporate office, but considering I do not have a daily commute to and from the office, daily eating expenses, and I hardly ever go anywhere anymore I don’t need as much as I was making, I am making approximately $800 to $1000 a month for answering a phone and taking orders for companies.

One of the best sources that I have found happens to be a work at home forum that lists all of the work at home opportunities out there. If you are interested please check out you should find it very interesting.

I for one can say that working from home is not for everyone. If you are the type of person who needs constant social interaction, are not self disiplined, and can not set goals for yourself working from home is not right for you. You are running your own business being an independent contractor and you will need to sit down and keep books, set goals, and should be able to say I will work at least 20 to 50 hours per week to make my home business work.

I am available by email if anyone would like to know more.

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