Working with Tables in Dreamweaver

In this tutorial I will show you how to work with tables in Dreamweaver. If you are a beginner in Dreamweaver, this tutorial will help you out. Once you do it one time it will come easy every time. It’s not difficult to do but I know years ago when I started out there were many things that I couldn’t do that now comes easy to me. So for the beginners, here’s how to use tables in Dreamweaver.

Inserting a table in your page

Place your cursor on your page where you want to insert the table. Then go to Insert / Table. A dialog box will appear and you can choose the style of table, the amount of rows, and the amount of columns. One you have those options filled in click OK. Now you will have a table on your page.

Adding a Border

To add a border to your table, simply click on the top left corner of your box and the edges will turn black. This means that the table is selected. Now that your table is selected look in your properties window and locate the field that says border. In the border field you will see zero. Change that to one or two. The higher the number, the thicker the border. Now your table will have a border on it.

Changing the Border Color on Your Table

To change the border color, click the top left corner of your box so that your box will be selected. Look in your properties window and find where it says “Brdr Color”. Click the little box beside Brdr Color and choose the color that you want for your border.

Creating a Background Color for Your Table

Applying a background color is done simply by clicking on the table to select it and clicking the bg color in the properties window. Choose the color you and and it will apply it to the background of the table.

Changing the Size of Your Table

To change the size of your table, click the top left corner of your box so that your box will be selected. Now look in your properties window for the width and height fields. Type in the size that you want your table to be. You have the choice of using percents or pixels. I often use percents. If you want the table to fit the page then type in 100 and choose percent from the drop down menu.

Adding Text to Your Table

To add text to your table, simply click inside one of the cells and type your text. You can change the font size and color by highlighting the text and choosing your color and size in the properties window.

Adding an Image to Your Table

In insert an image in your table, simply click inside the cell that you want your image to be placed in. Now click Insert / Image. Locate the image that you want to be placed in the cell and click OK. Now your image will appear in that cell. If the image is bigger than the cell it will mess the table up. You can resize the image by clicking on it and dragging the bottom right corner to the center of the image. If you have a real big image, it would be best if you used a program like Fireworks to resize it.

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