Working with Your Favorites in Internet Explorer

We all know our Favorites folder can become pretty long. I for one have a bad habit of pressing Ctrl D often. 🙂 Then I get this long list of favorites and don’t know what’s what. So I started organizing my favorites. Which helped a lot when I needed to find something.

To organize your Favorites in Internet Explorer, open your browser. At the top of your browser click on Favorites > Organize Favorites. The Organize Favorites Dialog Box will pop up. Click the Create Folder to create new folders.

It’s a good idea to put your favorites in folders because you can create a folder for different types of websites and finding them will be easier. For example, you can create a work at home folder and put all your work at home sites in it. Then you could create an article folder and put all your articles in that folder and so on.

Click on the Create Folder and name the Folder what you like. Then click on the websites that you want to put in that folder and drag it to the folder. You will need to add them one by one to the folder. Just click on one and drag it to the folder that you want to put it in. You can create as many folders as you want or need.

Now that you have created your folders, you don’t won’t to get that long list again. So when you bookmark a website you should go ahead and put it in the folder that it should go in. To place a bookmark in certain folder, go to Favorites > Add Favorites. The Add Favorite Dialog Box will pop up. Choose the folder that you want to place the favorite in by highlighting the folder. Then click OK.

You can also change the name of a favorite. In the Add Favorite Dialog Box where it says Name, Delete that name and type in what you want. Sometimes renaming favorites makes it easier on us when we are looking for a particular site.

So don’t let them Favorites get the best of you. Simply organize them. It makes browsing much easier.

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