Wrestling Demons

When dancing on the golden moon,
tracing stars with trembling fingertips.
The night sky floats beneath your feet
Lo, winds change, and you begin to slip.

Falling back to Mother Earth,
caressing clouds in your sinking flight
You cry out to the voice of old
to the Lord of the blackest night.

In the sky he does appear
to scoop you up in mighty wings
that beat in a melodic rythym
intwined with the immortal song he sings..

“Cling to me, Oh beautifui star
I will protect you from your fall
Would you like to travel far?
To know the meaning of all?
I can offer knowledge untold
to open up your aching mind
and you can watch it all unfold
and power in yourself will you find.”

Grasping him with shaking arms
you feel his warmth
not aware of harm.
As you dance with him you feel
this is a dream
but yet so real.
Then comes a time when lights go dim
and with no fear you lay down with him.

“The final phase is now complete
for I am in you and you in me
as a result of your aching need
you have surrendered
and I’ve planted my seed.
Now, as what we’ve made begins to grow
you will know horrible pain
but must never let go.
For you are mine, for eternity.
And I will never let you away from me.”

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