X Men: The Film Everyone’s Been Waiting to See that Fails to Live Up to Its Hype

Today I saw the film X-Men: The Last Stand and although I enjoyed the film, I found it a little disappointing to say the least. I have seen the other two X-Men films and I think that that the other two films were better than this one. While I am not a big comic book fan, from reports I have read, much of the story in this X-Men film does not follow th Marvel Comics story.

In X-Men the last stand, it is sad to see such characters as Professor Xaviar die as well as Gene. However the storyline for this film revolves around a new anti-virus that has been created in a lab that can supress the mutant gene in a person and make them fully human once agian. Both the good mutants which are led by Professor Xaviar and Magneto are against the virus. However the government thinks that they can “cure” people as the X-Men preview line states that most people have seen.

As usual, the problem escalates and Magneto and his mutant forces are trying to destroy the anti-virus for fear of the government using it against them. Another huge storyline in the film is Jean Grey coming back to life in the film. While most viewers thought she was dead based on the ending of the second film, she is in fact alive as she was found by Collosus. Jean Grey is then found to be of a split personality; one side that is gentle while the other is filled with rage. The side of rage is the one that killed Colosus and then proceeds to kill Professor Xaviar.

The actors in the film are very good. Storm is played by Halle Berry, Wolvereine is played by Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen as Magnito, Patrick Stewart as Chales Xaviar, Kelsey Grammer as Hank McCoy or the Beast and Famke Janssen as Jean Grey.

The biggest problem I have with X-Men The Last Stand is the lack of big storyline characters. Towards the end and middle of the film the only X-Men left were Wolverine, Storm and The Beast. The audience really doesn’t care about the guy who can fly or the other guy who most people don’t even know who has super strength. As for the villain, once Mystique is left in the dust by Magnito, Magnito becomes the only recognizable villain because the origins of the other characters are not gone into depth in any of the films. I loved the character of the Beast but the film never shows how he becomes the beast or one of the original X Men.

Some of the fight scenes were very good, especially the last fight, or “Last Stand.” However I think a little more action would have done this film well.

All in all, the plot is riveting and X Men The Last Stand is still a must see and is being sold out in theaters across the country. However I still found it a little disappointing.

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