Yard Sales vs Pawnshops and Check Loan Places

Pawnshops and check loan places are worse than yard sales for a variety of reasons. If you need some quick cash then you can go to a pawnshop. The thing about pawnshops is that they rip you off money wise. They don’t give you what your item is worth. If you want your item back from there they make you pay them a little bit of extra money so you can get your item back.

Another thing about pawnshops is that they can turn around and sell your item for almost twice as much as what they gave you money for it. They are making big money off from people who need money quick and don’t want to wait to sell it to someone else. The pawnshops try to all those loan programs sound good if you want your item back, but it isn’t really. You end up paying so much money in interest that it isn’t even worth it.

Yard sales

The advantage of a yard sale is that you can sell your items at a better price than you would get at a pawnshop. You can get more money for your item either at ebay or at a regular yard sale. Some people make a few hundred dollars a week just by doing a yard sale on the weekends. It just a great way to make some extra cash.

Yard sales allow you to sell big price tag items along with other items that even some pawnshop wouldn’t take. It is amazing the things that people are willing to buy that is just useless or too old sometimes. You can sell old computers or other old outdated video games along with other items.

How to get quick cash for your item even if you want the item back

So you are interested in quick cash for your item and want your item back. You can talk to your friends or even some family members and ask them if you can let them use your item for a little while such a week or however long and just give you some cash for it. Try to look at as them renting your item for short amount of time such a week. There is always something that a friend has that we wouldn’t mind to use to for a week or so. It also makes you both happy cause you got some cash and your friend has a item to use for a little while.

A nice big screen tv would be nice to rent out to someone for forty dollars a week or so. How about a nice laptop computer or some other electronic device? Those are always nice. Most people have no problem lending someone twenty dollars here or there if they get some item or money in return.

Check loan places

Check loan places are even worse than pawnshops. If you walk out of the check loan place with a few hundred dollars or more then you get to pay them back about one hundred dollars over the amount of what they originally loaned you in the first place. They will often want something such as a car title if your credit is bad or if you haven’t had a job long enough. Just be careful at check loan places and pawnshops. Yard sales and renting items to friends is the best option to do so you don’t get into trouble money wise.

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