Yet Another Womanly Duty

I treated myself to a hair cut this past week.. and I have to say it is becoming quite an ordeal. A day before my visit, I get all nervous.. I have to come up with interesting things to tell my stylist, Mylan. She asks me, without fail, what is going on in Meghan-land.. It turns into a whole big drama.. I start to realize that I got nothing going on.. And just this week, the things I do have, The Quakes and Howard Stern, went away.. I take solice that I have Sirius.. but still.. Its traumatic.. Change is always scary, anyways… Back to the haircut.. Mylan moved to a new place.. It use to be 5 color cowboy.. Really hot place.. The building use to be a bank .. and the ceilings go on forever.. and you just feel hip saying, “what? Oh yeah.. I get my hair done at 5 Color Cowboy…” She is now at a place called Loft A2.. which is completely misleading.. It should be crack den on 3rd. It is really nice inside.. a little small, but nice.. but getting there is scary.. Some gang bangers live across from it .. And I get the impression that they aren’t too keen on whitey spending loads of money to get her hair done.. I have learned walk fast and don’t look directly at them.. I also learned to not lock the door blatantly.. They get mad at that.. Don’t want to enrage the gang banger.. They might make an exception, and not bang a gang.. but bang on me.. which isn’t good .. ANy who.. So, after I tell Mylan that work is the same.. Home is the same.. we talk about T.V. .. which is really pretty sad.. Is that what my life comes down to? I mean I will tell her about my fav shows, which there are many, and she always says she hasn’t caught it.. heavy sigh..

I think my hair looks really good.. it has a slightly different shape and no roots.. YEAH! Death to roots !!! And NO ONE NOTICED.. People suck. I need new cool friends..

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