Yoga for Weight Control

Yoga is control of body and mind. Emotional and mental stability is achieved by practicing yoga. It calms your mind, controls your thought and keeps you healthy.

Yoga helps in controlling our body weight and gives a new meaning to our life. You will find a strong connection of your body, mind, and soul by performing yoga. Yoga is suitable for all age group and can be performed at home or at yoga training center. To help you out there are various good yoga trainer and yoga classes, you can contact them online as well. There are various instruction guides and yoga videos available in market. People are availing huge benefits and living a disease-free life. Yoga helps in solving obesity problem, other diseases like high blood pressures, diabetes, stress are tremendously controlled by performing yoga. All you need to do is to have a strong determination and belief to practice yoga regularly, in order to live a healthy, happy, and disease-free life.

Advantages of yoga:
o Yoga improves your external beauty and internal body systems, like proper functioning of nervous system, digestive system, and endocrine glands help in obesity control.
o Yoga is suitable for all age group.
o Yoga helps in body toning, figure correction, giving flexibility to the body, and weight reduction.
o Yoga works for all your body parts, your abdomen gets back its lost shape.
o No side effect, yoga is a natural way to fight diseases and build stamina.

How yoga helps in obesity control:
Obesity is excessive deposition of fat in your body. Accurate body weight as per the height of individual is necessary for proper functioning of body. Improper functioning of digestive system, nervous systems, and endocrine glands leads to obesity.

o Regular yoga and right food intake, food rich in fibers, low-fat food helps in weight reduction.
o Stress control, anxieties control, and balance of mind, body, and soul are possible by practicing yoga.
o Yoga helps in acquiring ideal weight and fat-free body. Regular yoga and proper weight check let you know your previous and the present weight.
o Fat loss is possible, and you develop control on your mind, and realize the harm of excessive food intake.
o Yoga practice helps in controlling not only body weight, but also smoking and alcohol intake habit.

There are various yogic postures and breathing exercises that help in healthy living and you may perform them for weight loss or weight gain:

o Different yogic postures, like fish posture (simple stretching of your body), will make you feel light. Various yoga techniques build your stamina.
o Different breathing exercises like, pranayama helps in controlling weight:
o Sit with you eyes closed, deep breath in and out for 10 minutes.
o Inhale from one side of nostrils and exhale from the other, alternatively intake oxygen from one side of the nose and outtake carbon dioxide from the other side. Do it for 5 – 10 minutes. This process controls your mind, diabetes, high blood pressure and body weight.

Start it Today
Look for right yoga instructor. Do it regularly at home or at yoga center for at least half an hour. So enjoy yoga and live a stress-free and happy life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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