Yogassage/Thai Massage- What is It?

Yogassage is relatively new in the western world but catching on fast. This unique massage therapy combines massage with yoga positions to provide the best benefits of both to your body. Traditionally practised in Thailand for over 2500 years, it is quickly gaining popularity in the Western world as people search for more natural ways to stay healthy. Traditional yoga involves positioning your body in poses that allow you to improve your breathing, increases lubrication in your joints, massages your internal organs, and detoxifies your body. Your body becomes firmer, and your muscles toned. Massage therapy increases your circulation, releases tension in your body, and helps reduce anxiety and tension. The combined benefits are extremely beneficial to one’s overall health.

Prenatal Health
Yogassage is great for reducing your tension and anxiety, increasing your circulation, and reducing or relieving aches and pains. A healthier body translates into a healthier pregnancy, creating a win-win situation for mother and child. It also helps reduce high blood pressure. Yogassage will allow strengthen your body and improve your posture, enabling you to carry your child better. This will also enable you to distribute the weight bearing responsiblity of carrying the baby more evenly across the body, reducing swelling and pain. Your skin tone also improves, enhancing your pregnancy glow. Always check with your doctor before you take up any activity. Make sure that once the yogassage therapist is prenatal certified to ensure that they are trained to handle your special needs. Then breathe, relax and enjoy your journey into a beautiful, stronger, healthier you.

General Health
There are many ways that you can benefit from the Yogassage/Thai Massage. Massage while in the Child pose can help the spinal muscles relax. Yogassage can also increase the circulation in your body which improves your body’s immune system and helps you ward off disease. You will also benefit from a more relaxed state and a relief from anxiety. All of this helps to build a more positive outlook to life.

Yogassage is predominantly offered on the west coast, especially in California. It is quickly becoming popular on the east coast and the rest of the country. To locate a facility that offers this near you, search the Yoga Journal and SpaFinder’s detailed directory.

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