You, Too, Can Have Fun with Nuns

Last week I was sitting in the Village with some actresses who were excited about being hired to play nuns on a modeling shoot of some kind. To pass the time on this nice Fall day, we all tried to remember some fun movies or television shows about nuns. Of course you all remember The Flying Nun, but I wonder if you remember any of these obscure favorites of mine:

My Three Nuns
Gentlemen Prefer Nuns
Five Easy Nuns
The Nun Commandments
Field of Nuns
The Nun Who Would Be King
The Electric Nun
The Nun Whisperer
Valley of the Nuns
The Nuns of Navarone
Around the Nun in 80 Days
Take the Money and Nun
Little Big Nun
Top Nun
Grumpy Old Nuns
Sophie’s Nun
The Eternal Nunshine of the Spotless Mind
Nun Facing Southeast
The Naked Nun
Jeremiah Nun’s son
What Did You Do In The Nun, Daddy?
Spidernun II
What Nuns May Come
Jingle All The Nuns
It’s a Wonderful Nun
200nun: A Space Odyssey
Jurassic Nun
The Lost Nun
Nun, Book, and Candle
A Boy and his Nun
Nun Hur
Lord of the Nuns
Bless the Nuns and Children
The Longest Nun
The Silence of the Nuns
The Nun Also Rises
A Nun Runs Through It
The Miracle Nun
I Was A Teenage Nun
A Nun at the Opera
The Nun Who Loved Me
Sex, Nuns, and Videotape
Nun Club
Apocalypse Nun
Nun Station Zebra
The Wild Nuns
The Man Who Would Be Nun
The Man with the Golden Nun
20,000 Nuns Under the Sea
Nun Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
The Nun Also Rises
A Hard Day’s Nun
Dead Nun Walking
The Nun From Another Planet
Nun with the Wind
An American Nun in Paris
Dr. Strangenun
The Texas Nunsaw Massacre
Behind the Green Nun
Deep Nun
That Nun You Do
Nun Like It Hot
The Exterminating Nun
Voyage to the Bottom of the Nun
Magical Mystery Nun
Paint Your Nun
Blazing Nuns
A Raisin in the Nun

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