You Too Can Make Your Dryer Last Longer

Most of us who have owned a dryer have at some time had to do some basic maintenance. If you are a homeowner or even if you just rent your home, your dryer is one of the appliances in your house that you paid quite a bit of money for. When you bought it you also expected it to last for years to come. With a few basic steps you can maintain it for years to come. Simple dryer maintenance can be done by anyone, and can save you valuable time and give your dryer a longer life.
The first step is one of the most obvious. Don’t over load the dryer. This may seem like a simple step but is very important. Overloading the dryer makes it work harder and longer to dry your clothes and in turn this means that it will decrease the life of your dryer. Smaller loads dry faster and more efficiently with less wear and tare on the dryer. Even if you have to divide a load into two small batches to dry, chances are that the loads will be dried more efficiently without the chances of over heating. Though it may take a few minutes more it will be less work on your dryer.

Another dryer maintenance tip would be to make sure you clean that lint trap. This also helps the dryer to work more efficient. You will notice if you have a full lint trap that your dryer gets hotter and takes longer for your clothes to dry. A simple step of cleaning out the lint trap before every load will prevent this. It is also recommended that you clean out around the lint trap screen. You can take your vacuum cleaner hose and vacuum out the area around where the lint screen goes to catch up all the lint that the screen missed.

Another step along this same line is to check the dryer hose and outlet to make sure it is empty and that there are no obtrusions or built up lint. I think we have all heard about the things that can get into these hoses from socks to small rodents. It is recommended that the hose be cleaned out at least once a year. If the dryer is used more than the average family more often would be advisable. While you are checking the hose for obstructions, also make sure it is in good repair. Holes and tares in the hose can lead to the heat and lint ending up in your home instead of venting to the outside. The dryer hose should be aluminum as this is safer than the old plastic ones. While the aluminum vent hoses may tare more easily the fire risk are considerably lower. This is just another step to making dryer maintenance a bit safer and easier for you.

A properly cared for dryer can dry your clothes for many years to come. Dryer maintenance is very important and can be taken care of in just a few minutes before every load. You have invested a lot in your dryer. Be sure to read the owner’s manual and take care of it as instructed. Check those hoses and happy drying!

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