Your Dog Needs a Seatbelt

For years kids traveled in cars without being strapped in let alone sitting in a specially made car seat. Eventually, after many children were hurt or killed, it dawned on some lawmakers that they should pass new laws stating that adults should strap children into the vehicle. Now laws make it mandatory in every state for kids, between certain ages, to be safely strapped while traveling.

For even more years animals, particularly dogs, have been riding freely in vehicles. Although many have been hurt or killed as well, laws have not changed requiring people to strap their pets into vehicles. If you love your pet and he loves to travel keep him safe by strapping him into your vehicle. Although you can’t use the car’s seatbelts to strap a dog safely you can purchase a car seat, especially for animals, so that they will be safer.

The pet seats sell for about $20 – $40 and hook over the back of any ordinary car seat. The pet seat has built-in belts for securing your pet. Different models feature a seat similar to a baby’s car seat where the belts of the car attach and hold into place. Position the pet seats in the back of the car to keep pets away from air bags should an accident occur. And with the pet in the back seat it will be less likely to distract the driver. The pet seats, though, are only suitable for small to medium dogs.

For larger dogs purchase a harness-type leash. Pull the seat belt of the car through the back of the harness to hold the dog in place. Using regular collar and leash sets will only choke the dog if an accident happens.

Older dogs may have a little trouble getting used to the new restraints. Take him on small trips to get him used to it and give him a reward after traveling. Initial trips should be somewhere fun, like the park or a walking trail. Eventually take the dog on more unpleasant trips – like the vet. Younger dogs will grow used to being restrained quicker since it becomes a way of life from the beginning.

Although it’s fun to take your dog for a ride, letting him climb into the passenger seat and hop around, the best thing you can do for him, if you love him, you won’t allow it. You’ll be safer with your dog restrained and so will he.

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