Your Guide to Adding and Removing FTP Accounts

You can allow other people to access your website files by creating a FTP Account. For example if you have hired someone to design your website for you, you will need to set up a FTP Account so that they can access your files. In this guide I will show you how to add FTP Accounts and How to remove FTP Accounts. So let’s begin..

Adding a FTP Account

Login to your control panel. If you have more than one site, login to the site that you want to create the FTP Account for. Then click on the FTP Manager link. The FTP Manager page will load and you will see four different links, click the link that says FTP Accounts. Now you will be carried to the FTP Account Maintenance page. On that page locate where it says Add FTP Account and click that link. The next page will be the page where you will fill in the username and password for the person that you are setting the account up for.

Type in a login name and a password for the user. Then where it says Quota you can type in what you wish. I would put unlimited. In the Directory field you have a couple of options. If you want to give the user full access to all your files simply enter a / in the directory field. But if you want to give them access only to a certain folder, type in the name of that folder in the Directory field.

Once you have completed those fields, click Create. The next page will say:

FTP Account Added!

The FTP account (username) with password (the password you entered) was added.

Something may come about and you may need to remove that FTP Account that you just created. When you remove this Account the user will no longer have access to the account. To remove the Account follow the instructions below.

Removing a FTP Account

Login to your C-panel and click on FTP Manager. On the next page click on the FTP Accounts link. Now you will be on the FTP Account Maintenance page. Locate the FTP Account that you want to remove. Beside that Account click the Delete Button. The next page will say that you have Deleted that particular FTP Account. But it will call the Account by its name.

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