Zero Odor: Perfect for Anyone with a Pet

Zero odor is a spray that takes odors out of carpet and other household items. It is perfect for anyone that has a pet. It literally takes urine or other pet odors out of your carpets, furniture or their bedding. It is good for almost any odor, such as diaper pails, trash cans, musty mildew or sneaker odor, but it is especially good for any household that has pets.

At the beginning of last summer, the kids had begged me for a new puppy. I did not want to get one because of the work involved in house breaking a puppy. I gave in and said yes. After only a month of trying to train the puppy I began to notice his little accidents were beginning to cause odor in the carpets. I tried several of the over the counter sprays available at the local pet store or retail store and they kind of masked the odor but it would become noticeable after a few days of using them. No amount of cleaning or spraying seemed to deal with the problem completely. One night while watching television I seen a commercial advertising a product called Zero Odor. It showed them using it for diaper pails, athletic sneakers and a few other items that I knew would be hard to neutralize from odor with just a spray and the testimonials all raved about how well it worked. It sounded good but I was skeptical of how good it would actually work. After seeing the commercial again the next night I went to their website and checked it out. I read through the website and decided to try Zero Odor. For $40.00 I was able to purchase a 22 ounce spray bottle, a 66 ounce refill, and a 12 ounce room air sprayer of the product. The day it arrived I went through and sprayed all the carpets that the puppy had been on. I sprayed these areas down with zero odor for the next couple of days, and honestly, you could not tell that the puppy had ever had an accident in the house. I have since used it in the laundry room for items that have been hanging and seemed to smell slightly musty and it took away all odor present. I spray the bathroom rugs down to keep them smelling fresh and have used it on the trash containers throughout the house to keep them smelling clean and fresh. I haven’t found anything it doesn’t work on. I cannot tell you how good it feels to know that when someone comes into the house I know they don’t smell our pets or anything else unpleasant.

The best feature of using Zero Odor is that unlike the products I purchased at the pet store or retail stores is that even after using it for several days in a row you not only didn’t smell the puppy but you didn’t smell zero odor either. It is so light and clean smelling you or your guests wouldn’t know you were using anything to keep your home fresh. It doesn’t just cover odors up or mask their smells it just gets rid of the smell completely by neutralizing it by bonding with the molecules of the odors and removing them. I could just open the windows and enjoy knowing my house smelled clean.

Zero Odor was a fantastic buy. It is a great product and I could not imagine anything that could improve it. I would recommend it to everyone, but I would especially recommend it to anyone with a pet in their home.

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