A Beginner’s Healthy Eating Overview

Eating has a different meaning and purpose for different people at different times. For example, a hardworking person i.e. labour has a different requirement for eating. He is in position to digest his food no matter how much he eats and can drive out more benefits out of it. The basic thing is that his requirement for food is more than a person who sits at home most of the time, and often ends up day watching television. Similarly a gym-going person needs to eat more as well, because he gets an opportunity on a regular basis to burn calories and fats and extract real benefit out of his food. However, a person who is in a regular routine life i.e. going office, a woman spending the most of her time with kids or university going student etc, need to have a balanced food in a balanced quantity. An important aspect of eating healthy is eating timely and on a regular frequency. For example, an office-going person cannot survive on a single cup of coffee or tea until lunch time, he/she should have something to eat at brunch time as well, in the afternoon, after lunch and then proper meal in the evening. So it is better to cover all aspects of eating and if you do even a routine meal can become healthier than a properly selected menu that includes all foods on the table.


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    Fruits and Vegetables

    Almost all of us know that fruits and vegetables have greater benefits to their consumers. One should eat fruits of all varieties and vegetables at a regular basis. Try not to miss seasonal foods when their season is due, and try every fruit from its arrival in the market until its end. Similarly, regularly cook vegetables by yourself or by your cook. Also, you can make some vegetables i.e. carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and others a part of your salad. Eating raw vegetables is healthier than cooked ones.

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    Substituting fatty protein sources with lean ones

    Fish, white meat, eggs, taking milk is a good way to get protein, zinc and omega 3s. So make these items part of your eating habit. It is even more important to avoid fatty food sources if your life is rather inactive and most of your time you spend at home or have not committed yourself to exercise on a regular basis.

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    Avoid Processed Food

    Markets nowadays are flooded with processed foods, which are prepared with use of chemicals, artificial colours and flavours. So do not take processed food unless you have to do it due to some problems. The processed food can interrupt your food intake and balanced diet concept altogether, and especially if you are into exercise regime, it is not less than fatal for you.

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    Food Quantity or Intake

    An essential part of eating healthy is your intake of food at a time. If you take a portion comprising a full plate that at the end you find it difficult to finish, it is not a healthy eating no matter what food you are taking. So it always better to control your food intake and eat as much as you can digest. Avoid being greedy when food is in front of you.

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    Cook Yourself

    Although in this day of fast or busy lifestyle it is difficult to take out time for cooking and preparing your own food, it nevertheless is a great help in eating healthy if you cook your food yourself. You know what you are cooking and in the process how you are adding other sources into it. It is one of the most recommended parts of the eating healthy.

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