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One of the exciting music festivals in the United Kingdom is Beacons festival, as organisers of this fiesta try to outdo themselves by lining up better artists each year. This festival is a great platform to see some of the brightest and freshest artists of the region. Fans can hear a wide range of music at Beacons Festival, which includes Rock, Folk, Electro, Drum & Bass, House, Techno and much more. In addition to this, fans are allowed to bring their families to this event, as special play areas are added to entertain kids. Different stalls are set up at Beacons Festival from where the crowd can grab something to eat or drink. To know more about Beacons Festival, view this article.

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    Beacons Festival, which has been taking place for several years now, has been finally moved to another location after extreme flooding in the bed of a valley in 2011 where it was supposed to take place. But this is one of the many examples that show how far Beacon Festival has come since its inception.

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    Beacons Festival offers various activities that range from different singing and music sensations to burger vans, which is quite intriguing not only for youngsters but families also come to relish this wonderful event. They have also added a beach area for children where they have swing boats, fish, chips, donuts and roundabout candy floss. In brief, Beacons Festival is the name of non-stop entertainment that lasts for 3 days and four nights, with the crowd singing and dancing on every tune.

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    Important Dates

    Beacons Festival usually takes place in August (it takes place in the mid of this month).

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    The duration of Beacons Festival is three days and four night.

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    The ticket price of Beacons Festival varies according to the day of this festival. Therefore to know the exact price, and to purchase the tickets, click here.

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    How to Contact

    In order to make contact with the administrators of the Beacons Festival, people can use the following email addresses:

    For enquires related to Beacons Festival:

    For ticket enquiries of Beacons Festival:

    For Resident Ticket enquiries of Beacons Festival:

    For Beacons Festival Trader enquires:

    For Beacons Festival Volunteer or Steward enquires:

    For Beacons Festival Artist Applications:

    For Beacons Festival Arts and Creative enquires:

    For Beacons Festival press enquires:

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    Carleton, North Yorkshire BD23, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to the Beacons Festival:

    By Train

    There is no train, tube or tram station in one mile radius of this site.

    By Bus

    Carleton, Carleton Centre (W-bound) is 11 minutes walk from where Beacons Festival takes place and the distance between Carleton, North Yorkshire, UK and this bus stop is about 0.5 miles. All bus user needs to do is head east on West Road towards Louvain Terrace after arriving at this bus stop and then continue onto Carla Beck Lane. Later the bus user will turn right and walk until he or she will see the destination in the front. Directions from Carleton, Carleton Centre (W-bound) to Carleton, North Yorkshire, UK.

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