About International Festivals in London

The global city of London is home to many events and festivals of both national and international appeal. You many have interest in any single art form or may be a connoisseur of more than one forms of expression; the British capital introduces you to the best professionals of fine arts and other fields by holding international festivals. These festivals bring theatre, circus, acrobats, puppet shows, various genres of music and dance shows for you entertainment and recreation. You will also be amused to find festivals showcasing marvelous pieces of photography, animations and documentaries followed by a phenomenally large number of audiences.


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    London International Mime Festival

    Mime festival rivets many Londoners every year because of the enchanting and fun filled theatre and performances including puppetry, acrobats and cirucs. Art connoisseurs have always held Mime Festival event in high esteem.

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    London International Festival of Exploratory Music

    Music buffs visit ‘London International Festival of exploratory music'  to explore several genres of music originating from various corners of the globe. The performances are lined up there to win the hearts of many music fans out there.

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    London International Documentary Festival

    London International Documentary Festival firmly believes that film is a powerful tool and therefore highlights the political and social issues of today’s day and age. Film and performing arts lovers turn up in great numbers at this documentary festival.

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    The London International Ska Festival

    The London International Ska Festival revisits the milestones experienced by the ska music and culture from day one. The performers present at the ska music perform with great dexterity and always grab tributes from the audience.

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    London International Animation Festival

    London International Animation Festival brings several programmes screened especially to showcase the talent and skill of Animation specialists. One also gets to watch the best of the best works of local and international animators.

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    Greenwich and Docklands International Festival

    Every year the streets of Greenwich and Doklands get brimmed with theatrical performances, dance shows and circus - all happening under the banner of Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. A theme outlines each performance of the show and people can’t resist applauding the enchanting performances that come with this beautiful festival.

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    Sci-Fi London

    Sci-Fi London is an exciting festival that celebrates the making of sci-fi and fantasy (genre) movies and gives a platform to the film makers and directors to share their knowledge with the audience. Short films are also brought to the Sci-Fi-London festival.

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    London International Festival of Theatre

    London International Festival of Theatre was set up with an agenda to introduce international theatre to the British audience. Scores and scores of performances are arranged and thousands of people gather to enjoy the theatre.

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    London International Awards

    London International Awards is held with a purpose to encourage creativity, innovation and use of modern technology in the arena of advertising and design. Published, broadcasted and released content that also garners the approval of clients is entered in the festival.

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    London Festival of Photography

    London Festival of Photography started off as London Street Photography festival in 2011. London Festival of Photography holds workshops, talks, screening and dishes out prizes like international street photography award, Student street photography award and yearly prize.

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