About Thames Festival in London

If you desire to see London’s most spectacular and promising event then do drop in at the Mayor’s Thames Festival, which in known for organizing huge activities. In 1997 this spectacular event was established for the inhabitants of London. This huge outdoor activity was started in order to provide Londoners a chance to enjoy their time, in a lively and entertaining environment. Every year, half a million people pay a visit at this festivity of happiness with glee. In a grand style collectively cultural diversity is celebrated and environmental awareness is also promoted. The blissful and jovial atmosphere will definitely make Londoners fall in love with the capital city of United Kingdom. So if you really wish to see this magical event, then do not forget to get yourself involved in this colorful celebrations.

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    History of Mayor's Thames Festival:

    Between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge, every September since 1997, inhabitants of London has been making Mayor’s Thames Festival as their annual celebration time. Being the biggest event of the capital city, this carnival has not only acquired fame in United Kingdom, but its popularity is known over entire continent of Europe.  This all–embracing celebration of London and the river Thames, is not only giving Londoners an opportunity to spend the time blissfully, but they are also prompting environmental mindfulness. The amount of money collected in this festival is given to the charitable trust.

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    How to Make your Visit Special at Mayor's Thames Festival:

    I guess no one would want to miss the overwhelming opportunity of visiting Mayor’s Thames Festival, but you can also make this visit special by getting involved in the festival. This can be done by donation, or simply by volunteering. You can take part in various tasks or play different roles if you wish to volunteer.

    Do you think you are talented enough to entertain a massive group of people through your voice or music?  Then go ahead and send an artist application; this will definitely make your visit special at the festival.

    If you have a boat club, then join in the River Parade, which includes nice range of activities.

    For those people who are perfect at street arts, for them management has always kept their doors opened, to receive application.

    Besides various other attractions, competitions are also scheduled. The auspicious winners are not only appreciated, but they are also awarded with gift hampers.

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    Attractions of Mayor's Thames Festival in London:

    A nice list of programs is arranged every year. The range of attractions which are included makes the event bigger and better than the previous one.  River Parade is definitely an eye catching program, which cannot be missed. Not only children, but elders will also enjoy various events included in the River Parade’s package.

    Night Carnival gives a chance to see the street arts talent. Young skillful dancers will astonish Londoners with their musical moves on thrilling beats.

    An adult choir of over eight hundred people will sing under the supervision of singer and musical editor Helen Chadwick. Name of the program is sing for Water.

    Along with various other competitions, photography competition is also organized.

    Besides all these attraction several food stalls and temporary shops are also available at the festival.

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    How Purchase a Ticket:

    The festival is free and open to all, no ticket is require for the entrance.

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