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There is a large population of people in Britain that take joy in vintage items. These vintage memorabilia could be clothes, music, games, toys or other items. The United Kingdom has enough vintage fans that there is a unique Vintage Festival aimed at just this demographic. The Vintage Festival, which is held at Boughton House, is a celebration of all the fashion, music, art, design and glamour of the 1920s to 1980s. Participants spend three days surrounded by all vintage items as they shop, dance and listen to music. Many people coming to the festival also choose to dress up in vintage clothes, hats and shoes. There are also stalls that sell items from the specific decade of interest. Many collectors make their way to the Vintage festival in hunt for specific items for sale.

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    Wayne Hemingway and his family started the Vintage festival in 2010. He wanted to create a festival that would interest people looking for glamour, fashion and class. The popular Vintage festival has successfully staged three festivals since then and is growing stronger each year. In 2011 they participated as part of The Festival of Britain on their 60th anniversary. The award winning festival made a switch of venue in 2012 from Goodwood to Boughton House.

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    The Vintage festival has a lot of things to do for fans of vintage. The event is divided into arena and each arena represents a decade in British history as bands and DJ's recreate the music and dance of the era. Arenas includes the main stage, warehouse (80s), roller disco, soul casino, The Leisure Lounge (60s), Let it Rock (50s) and The Torch Club (30s/40s). There is also a large drinking area called the North/South Divide Public House. Other than that; stalls, tents and other areas showcase film, music, song, dance and collectible items.

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    Important Dates

    Summer - July.

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    The Vintage Festival takes a span of three days.

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    How to Contact

    In order to contact the organizers for general enquiries, you can use the online form available here. Or else try the emails listed below:

    Food vendor enquiries: lulu@vintagefestival.co.uk

    Stall enquiries: judy@vintagefestival.co.uk

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    Boughton House, Weekley Villag, Kettering NN16 9UP, United Kingdom.

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    The Vintage festival has tickets for both the event and camping facilities. You can purchase tickets online here. For Boutique camping bookings, click here.

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    How to get there

    There are no train station within a 1.5 mile radius of the festival venue. The venue is situated 84.4 miles from the center of London city, which makes it a journey of 3 hours from London to the place of the festival.

    By Bus

    The closest bus stop to the festival and camping grounds is Geddington, adj Queen Street. From the bus stop head south on New Rd/A43 in direction of Grange Rd. Then take a left after covering a distance of 0.7 miles and then you have to take a right after covering a distance of 0.6 miles and then you will find your destination on the left after a few steps. View Map.

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