Activities to Do With ASD Children

Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or simply Autism are generally the ones suffering from a lack of social interaction. It is very important to know that these are normal children and just need a bit of encouragement, attention, love and care to help them get back to normal life easily. Parents and teachers alike need to be focussed when it comes to handling such children. This article will be discussing 10 activities that you can do with ASD children in order to get them engaged and gradually bring them back to normal life.


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    Flower Bouquet

    Creating a flower bouquet from paper can be a good way of engaging the ASD children. Paint them with a lot of colours and this will surely get them to smile.

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  • 2

    Ice painting

    Children absolutely love seeing their artwork on paper. When you help them put it on ice and have it frozen and melted repeatedly, it will create some great designs ASD children will adore.

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    Bottle full of colours

    Take an empty plastic bottle and fill it with water and glitters. Set it up against a light and it will create for a beautiful handheld fun for ASD children. The light shining through the glitters will reflect nicely and will keep them busy for a long time.

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    Storytelling through painted chips

    Tell your child to make a story using paint on cardboard chips. Normally, children like to learn to stories verbally. In this activity, you can ask your child to make a story with coloured cardboard chips and then narrate it to you.

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  • 5

    Matching sticks

    Create a pair of designs using various colours on blank craft sticks. Make 2 or 3 different designs and then ask your child to match the coloured designs one by one.

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  • 6

    Sensory table

    You can also provide your child with a sensory table to ensure they have a lot of fun while playing their favourite games on it. They will use their senses of feeling and seeing simultaneously in this one.

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  • 7

    Smell the liquid

    Take a glass, cover it up with a handkerchief and tie it around the edge. Make sure the liquid inside is not visible to your child. Then ask him/her to smell the liquid from the top and tell what it is. This will surely get his/her senses working more than usual and is certainly very helpful.

  • 8

    Clay sculptures

    Make clay sculptures from the playing clay available in bookstores these days. These sculptures can be in any shape and size and once you are done making them, ask your child to paint them. You can add glitter to the final designs and it will certainly give your child a lot of reasons to be happy about.

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  • 9

    Number rubbings

    Have your child learn counting by using interesting rubbing designs. Print numbers 0 to 9 on different sheets of paper and then place something like a coin or any other flat textured item beneath the paper. Then tell your child to colour over that area and he/she will see a design coming out from the bottom of the paper. This will surely get his/her imagination working.

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  • 10

    Oobleck Experiment

    Have your child’s imagination reach a new level when you give them some Oobleck to play with. Oobleck has this unique featuring of being a liquid when it is poured and then turning into a solid if applied pressure. Have your kid hold it in his/her hand and it will squish away soon.

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