Aerobic Fitness Exercises for Kids

Aerobics’ definition is with air, therefore aerobic activity is any kind of physical endurance that helps you breathe better and increases the amount of oxygen you inhale. Constant aerobic exercise is necessary for kids as it develops the body’s ability to provide oxygen to its cells. Aerobics also aids children in a number of mental and physical health benefits.


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    Physical advantages

    Aerobic activities are important and help strengthen your kid’s heart and lungs. It is widely reported that kids who are consistently involved in aerobic exercise can reduce their blood pressure levels and increase their levels of good cholesterol. This in turn aids them in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer as they age. Moreover, inactive kids have a higher probability to suffer from diabetes. It is evident that regular aerobic activity helps asthmatic kids breathe more comfortably and allows them to consume less medications.

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    Mental influence

    Kids who follow regular aerobic exercise manuals are likely to have a higher self-esteem and self-confidence along with a good sense of well-being. Children with weight issues are expected to raise their personal image and feel good about themselves as the activity aid them get in better condition.

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    Health benefits

    Consistent aerobic exercises also help in maintaining a desirable weight in kids. Towards the end of the last decade saw the percentage of overweight children almost double. The age category from six to 17 is overweight beyond measure. Obese kids are more likely than their physically fit age group kids to continue being obese as they get older. The diet also plays a big role in the weight of the children as they love eating junk food instead of healthy food like fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, kids also prefer in-house activities rather than sports.

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    Make the exercise more enjoyable for your kids

    An effective way to encourage aerobic exercise is to limit the time your kids spend in watching television or playing console games. Also try to raise the fun factor in the aerobics’ routine. A number of field games including backyard football and tag will give your kids a handsome amount of aerobic activity. Importantly, your kids should also look up to you. Therefore, you also need to be actively participating in aerobic activities and display that you enjoy the practice. Give your family some leisure time by taking them out for hiking, bike riding, skating, swimming or to a park.

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