Afghan Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is considered the cultural hub because of the different ethnicities that reside in it. This inter-racial city has blossomed to this extent because of the tolerance it has shown in opening arms to the different customs, traditions and backgrounds of the world. There’s a vast array of cuisines that are available for everyone to choose from, starting from continental to middle-Eastern. Amongst these, Afghani restaurants have picked up quite a clientage, which has increased their demand and supply. This article will list down Afghan Restaurants that are situated in Dubai.


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    Afghan Khorasan Kabab House, offers quick service and soft mutton stews, making the restaurant quiet a success in its own niche.

  • 2

    Al Kabab Al Afghani, boasts of mouth-watering Afghani delights made from fresh ingredients that attracts a bustling crowd.

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    Bilal Afghani Restaurant, is in the heart of a ghetto-like area that is called International City. The menu is as inexpensive as the grandeur of the restaurant is.

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    Shahista, has an authentic menu, an endearing décor along with the Afghan expatriates who crowd the place in the evening, turning it in an Afghani restaurant in its true spirit.

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    Afghani Gulf Restaurant is another Afghani restaurant situated in Deira, promising authentic Afghani food.

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    Afghan Kebab House, has chicken, lamb and beef all cooked till juicy tenderness oozes out of them while the succulent scents waft through the air.

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