Albemarle Primary School London

In 1961, Albemarle Primary School was inaugurated at the junction of Princess Way for children aged between 2 – 6 years. The management of this primary school initiated their work by following their goal of making every child confident and strong enough to build a bright future, and encounter every challenge on strong footing. The staff as well as people in the management provide students a secure and friendly atmosphere so that they can acquire quality education. A huge range of activities are also scheduled so that children are able to get a knack of their capabilities and the kind of technical skills they possess. Parents who are looking for an institute that will help their children attain all the possible required knowledge should consider this primary school.

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    Albemarle Primary School Service:

    Play ground covering a good amount of area is available within the premises of the school, so that children can play and enjoy outdoor activities.

    For children, toys and a wide range of indoor games are obtainable. Even in bad weather when they unable to play outside, they can enjoy the free time with glee.

    A variety of services are granted in the After School Club that include computer games, gardening, pet club, homework club etc.

    Besides children activities in the After School Club, workshops are held in which kids along with their parents can practice Math and English.

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    Albemarle Primary School Operational Hours:

    From Monday till Friday, the school operates between 12:00 noon – 3:15 pm.

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    How to Contact Albemarle Primary School:

    The number given beneath can be used if you wish to contact the school in order to give suggestions or to find answers to your queries.

    Contact: +44 20 8788 3170

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    Career and Training at Albemarle Primary School:

    For vacancies inquiry, or if you intend to email your resume so that the management can look for a post according to your qualification, send the relevant information on the address mentioned below or check this link:


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    Albemarle Primary School Location:

    Princes Way, London, Greater London SW19 6JP, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to Albemarle Primary School:

    10 minutes walk is required to reach the school from the Southfields Station. Move on Augustus Rd in the southeast direction in order to cover 0.4 mile distance. After wrapping 0.1 mile, you will have to take a left turn and head towards the Albert Dr, where the school is actually situated. The details related to the route and directions can be acquired by clicking here!

    By Bus:

    The nearest bus station is the Southdean Gardens (Stop V), which is approximately 0.3 mile away from the school. Route number 39 and 639 from Putney Bridge, or 493 from Tooting bus station will drop you at Stop V.

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