Apple TV Os Update Expected In WWDC

Apple has recently confirmed the date for WWDC 2012 which is supposed to be held on June 11, 2012. Since, it’s a trend at Apple to have something big announced in these events, there is much speculation about what will be announced this time around. Many think it’ll be iPhone 5, some feel it should be iOS6 while some authentic resources think it must be Apple TV software update. As usual, Apple is quiet about what will be announced regarding any new product launch as the internet frenzy and rumor mill is already churning with outlandish claims and leaked product pictures. Apple is the master when it comes to building up hype for their product launches as they stay relatively quiet up until the last moment so everyone especially the media has to wait until the actual event or subsequent address.


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    A recent report prepared by the BGR states that Apple will exhibit the newest version of Apple TV software at World Wide Developer Conference 2012 (WWDC). This new version of the software is anticipated with a range of exciting features and most probably it’s going to be the same OS on which Apple plans to run HDTV. It looks like Apple is counting on taking Apple TV to further heights as they continue to develop and update it.

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    BGR reports that Apple is already coordinating with the third-party manufacturers for making Apple TV OS compatible accessories. The API that Apple is suggesting manufacturers to use will make it possible to control all the connected components with an Apple remote. Apple has always been a strong supporter of being able to control their devices from one single source and it looks like their work on the Apple TV OS will help them achieve this feature.

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    If this is going to be true and Apple happens to launch the major update for Apple TV OS now, it is expected to change the home theater landscape entirely. The home theater up until now seems to be a mess as compared to this. Currently there are thousands of infrared codes with multiple physical cables that make the devices interoperable. BGR further reports that the control out API will work better in all dimensions of hardware, even it’s expected to control things on cable operators’ set top boxes, for instance the program guides. This concept could revolutionize the entire concept of integrating home theater with the functionality of the internet and computer capabilities.

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    It’s truly a big update that WWDC event must include but there are speculations that Apple may not show the physical TV in the event, rather it’ll be a brief about the upcoming updates!

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