Arabic Nightclub Dubai Overview

The Mayfair Hotel is six floors of luxury located in Deira among the busy streets of Dubai. The 131 room hotel has numerous restaurants and nightclubs with different themes for guests and residents of the city. The venue has a Russian club, a Syrian venue and finally a hot spot known as the Arabic Nightclub. The Arabic Nightclub has a great Arabic theme that is used in all the interior design, for example the light fixtures look like lanterns while the seating is comfortable and cozy. Small tables dot the venue floor and groups or couples can relax and sit down for an intimate conversation while the friendly staff serves food prepared in the well stocked kitchen. Arabic dishes from across Middle East are on offer along with drinks from the bar. The Arabic Nightclub also has a great sound system which blasts the latest Arabic language songs while party goers dance the night away.

Contact: +971 4 228 4444


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    Product and Services

    - Arabic Nightclub is actually a restaurant cum night club so the cusine being served at the location is top notch. Many people enjoy ordering meals that they can share with friends and get a chance to taste as many dishes as possible.

    - As evening time approaches the venue starts to get more crowded and guests are usally ordering drinks and getting ready to dance and enjoy themselves. The bar serves all sorts of drinks and cocktails to quench their visitors' thirst.

    - Arabic music is on the play list all night long and visitors should be ready to party like the locals to the rhythmic sounds of the Middle East. The expert DJ is always in the house and knows how to keep the dancing crowds entertained.

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    Operational Hours

    Arabic Nightclub is open daily from 8:00 pm to 3:00 am

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    Riggat El Buteen, Deira, Dubai - United Arab Emirates‎

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    How to Get to Arabic Nightclub

    By Metro

    The route to the Arabic Nightclub from Rigga Metro station is very straight forward. All visitors have to do after departing the train is go southwest on 37th Street and make a right onto 42 A Street. The venue will be on the right hand side. View Map.

    By Bus

    Makhtoum Road 2 bus stop is also close to the hotel. Commuters can hop on bus numbers 4, 11A, 27, 53, 64A, 91A, C1, C4, C5 and X94 to get there. After arriving they will need to walk south east along the side road to Makhtoum road and then turn left towards 42 A Street. After making another left onto 42 A Street they can locate the venue on the right hand side. View Map.

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