Art Activities for Babies

Art Activities with your baby can provide an ideal learning platform that creates a postive impression at an early age. By developing various art activities with your baby can increase their learning skills and help with early developmental stages of their young minds. A very special bond between parent and baby can develop when doing art activities with your baby. Whether painting, drawing or doing any other art activity, it is very important to use non-toxic supplies to ensure the safety of your baby from harmful chemicals. Using various shapes and colours can help your baby identify and respond to different art activities that you want to do together. Motor skills combined with cognitive and tactile or touch sensations can get a definite boost through art activities that help your baby express their thoughts or feelings.


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    Play with Dough or Clay:

    Babies love to grab and touch things as their early developmental stages are eager to understand the different shapes and textures around them. When playing with soft clay or dough it is very important to use the non-toxic variety to ensure your baby does not ingest anything harmful. Building basic shapes and figures is a good way for your baby to understand the sizes and textures by touching and squeezing the clay. This activity is very good in developing touch sensations and motor reflexes in babies.

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    Music and Movement:

    Most babies respond to soft music in positive ways. By playing some music and moving your babies arms and legs lightly in a rhythmic way is a positive step to develop hearing and cognitive learning abilities. The soothing tones of light music provide a nice atmosphere for the baby as the gentle moving of the arms and legs can help develop motor skills.

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    Finger Painting:

    By using bright non-toxic finger-paints on bright coloured paper is a good art activity to do with your baby. Dip your baby’s finger in some paint and move it across the paper. This art activity can do wonders towards developing tactile response and visual cognition. Making big bright colourful shapes is a good way to help your baby identify a variety of different stimuli which can help in early learning development.

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    Colour Drawing:

    Take some large colourful non-toxic crayons developed for babies and gently move your baby’s hand across some brightly coloured paper to make shapes of different sizes. Tactile, cognitive and motor skills will get stimulated in your baby as they begin to recognise various shapes and patterns. This activity can provide a good foundation for developing motor reflexes in your baby.

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    Play with Cloth:

    Get various texture and colours of cloth that your baby and touch or feel. The different textures will help your baby identify various levels of sensations from the different cloth. It is important to use soft cloth that your baby can pull and stretch to help develop learning skills.

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    Splash some Water:

    Taking a little bit of lukewarm or tepid water and allowing your baby to splash it around is another great activity to help develop cognitive learning. It is very important to use only the smallest amount of water to avoid any danger to your baby while splashing.

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