Ashrafi Restaurant Dubai Overview

Folks, who admire fancy restaurants, may not approve of Ashrafi Restaurant in Garhoud area of Dubai, but those, who prefer delicious Indian food over fancy settings, would definitely love this small eating place. Because Ashrafi Restaurant serves the best curries in the city, it has been able to draw a lot attention. As a result of that Indian food lovers from different areas of Dubai come to this venue to enjoy traditional Indian curries and other dishes.

Apart from this its menu also includes Chinese food that is also quite great. However, mainly people know this venue because of its Indian varieties. Visitors can enjoy all these tongue tingling varieties at extremely affordable prices therefore everyone will leave sated and satisfied from this eating place.

Contacts: +971 4 282 1718


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    Products and Services:

    Some of the excellent curries at extremely affordable prices can be savoured from Ashrafi Restaurant. This restaurant does not have a stylish and hip decor or seating arrangement, but its Indian curries are the hottest in the town. Some of the specialities of this venue are creamy firdauisi korma, vegetable pilau, makharni murgh jahanogiri and any chicken dish.

    Aside from the traditional Indian food, guests can also get Chinese cuisine from this restaurant, which is also full of flavours and rich in quality and taste.

    A private dining area is obtainable at this bistro to have a private dinner or lunch. Or you can opt for the carry out service of this eatery to enjoy its delicately cooked food at any other place.

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    Operational Hours:

    This eatery remains operational throughout 24 hours of the day therefore people in Dubai can drop here at any time of the day.

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    Location of Ashrafi Restaurant:

    Intersection of Garhoud Road and Airport Road, Garhoud - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Ashrafi Restaurant:

    The best way to get to Ashrafi Restaurant in Garhoud, Dubai is by car, as no metro station and bus stop is located within the 2.5 kilometers radius of this eatery.

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