Average Cost of Living in Dubai Overview

No doubt Dubai is an expensive place to live in. According to the latest cost of living index Dubai is at the 89th position out of 300 international locations which means, yes, Dubai is expensive but less expensive than 88 counties.

If you are planning to live in Dubai then before finalizing your decision do take a look at the total cost of living. The good job is an essential need of competent life. A handsome salary package will help you in ignoring many factors which might become hurdles in a successful healthy life.

After getting your desired job with an ideal pay package or a well furnished business, you will have to look upon three factors which are: living expenses, purchasing power and lifestyle. These three factors are basically explaining accommodation, transportation and food. Take a look at the guide cited below to get to know more about cost of living in Dubai.


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    In Dubai business centers are very far from the residential area which is why people have to travel over a particular distance daily. During peak hours the traffic volume is massive especially at some eminent locations such as Sheikh Zayed Street.

    On the other hand public transportation is a good option to use. Citizens of Dubai mainly use taxis and bus systems. In total 10 or 20 Dirhams you can travel. The bus takes around Dh.1 to Dh.6 whereas taxi charges Dh.10 to Dh.100. People who are unable to buy their own car avail the renting option which costs them about Dh.1500 to Dh.3000 per month.

    In Dubai gasoline is very cheap so if you have your own car then this is considered very convenient.  A second hand car can be bought between the ranges of Dh. 15,000 to Dh. 50,000, while a brand new car ranges between 40,000 to 300,000.

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    Accommodation in Dubai

    The expense on accommodation is another point that has to be considered. The rates are reaching its peak. On the other hand the real estate business is booming because in Dubai, demand for accommodation is very high. There are people who share flats; this is an ideal way to cough up the expense.

    The rental cost for apartments varies, a studio sized apartment ranges between Dh.2000 to Dh.5000, whereas a single bedroom apartment lie between Dh.2500 to Dh.6700. Range of double bedroom apartment starts from Dh.3300 to   Dh.10,000 or even Dh.12,000. Charges for villas are Dh.6700 to Dh.25,000.

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    Food Cost in Dubai:

    In Dubai food is relatively inexpensive. It grants a wonderful experience. You can find variety of authentic dishes from all over the globe. You can cook at home and reserve eating out on weekends so that you can maintain your budget.

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    Education cost In Dubai

    Private schools run by British and America are quite expensive whereas Asian schools are less expensive. Before admitting your child in a school, do a complete survey so that you can find a least expensive school for your children. In grade school the tuition fees lie between Dh.5000 to Dh.100,000 annually. Learning  the Arab language  is mandatory in Dubai for the purpose of communication.  For that you can also hire  a part time tutor. The overall educational cost in Dubai is quite less if it is compared with several other cities.

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    Communication Expenses

    The modern communication infrastructure of Dubai is expensive. In comparison to other cities the internet connection, call charges, home telephone rent, cellular phone contract are expensive. Monthly telephone bills lie between Dh.100 to Dh.1000.

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    Groceries and Utilities Expenses:

    In comparison to other cities the cost of Living Index, Dubai is ranked 92 out of 300. The cost of food, fresh fruits, seafood, canned foods, cleaning material items, non-alcoholic beverages, baby consumables, , baking, baked goods, cleaning products, cheese, dairy, vegetables, ready-made meals, snacks, spices and herbs pet food, are expensive in Dubai because most of the products are imported.

    The rates of residential taxes on house/flat mortgage, household costs, water, household fuels, electricity, household gas, house/flat rental, and local property taxes in Dubai are higher than other cities.

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    Although clothing available in Dubai is duty free still if we compare it with other cities the cost is high. According to the cost living index Dubai is ranked as 11 out of 300.

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    Health Care:

    Currently the medical is quite high in dubai but in future it is expected to be less because Dubai is trying its level best to build up a strong world class healthcare infrastructure.

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