How to avoid an ex boyfriend or girlfriend

Your ex partner wont stop chasing you around? Continuous text messages and calls from him/her they just don’t get the message that you are DONE – does this sound like your situation? Just to confirm it is completely normal to be annoyed at this as you’re trying to move on but your ex is trying to get you back together…. when mentally you’ve already told yourself you want no more. Even if you’re the one that wants to get back together but you don’t know how to avoid him/her to make things easier… Keep reading!


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    If you remember your ex partners schedule then the best way to start is to make sure you don’t hang around in that particular area at that time, for example if you’re still at school you may very well know there timetable therefore you can stay away from that particular segment of the school or if you know they work in a particular location then chances are they’ll be popping out for lunch and in the evening when going home so you shouldn’t be within that area on both times.

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    Don’t attend events you know that your ex partner is most likely going to attend, no matter how tempting it may be to go to a sporting event or concert. You must avoid all the places you feel you’re ex girlfriend/boyfriend will be attending. (Especially within the first 3 months as you’re both trying to get over each other)

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    Block your ex boyfriend or girlfriend from all your social networking websites. On Facebook first unfriend them then go over to your block list so you cannot be searched or viewed at all by them, Twitter you can also block/unfollow them, Snapchat simply remove but before you remove click block then follow by remove. Instagram block them which automatically unfollows them and makes them unfollow you therefore they can’t view your profile… Anywhere else where they can contact you online = BLOCK

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    Distract yourself by looking for a new partner – now don’t get us wrong… do not rush yourself straight into a new relationship as this is considered as a “Rebound” people use this when they’re in love so they decide to get over it by trying to fall in love with someone else who is worth their time… only commit when you’re ready but at least distract yourself temporarily by looking around at the different options in the sea ;)

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    If you fail at all the above and you feel helpless then it is probably best to speak to someone that is most close to you otherwise you will swamp yourself with thoughts over and over again

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    Quick  tips:

    -You must avoid any contact made by your ex – if he/she tries to get your attention do NOT reply back or give any signs whatsoever.

    - If you’re in school and your timetable clashes with your ex then it is best to try get your tutor involved tell them how you’d like it tweaked.

    - Keep the “avoiding” plans to yourself… the more people you tell the harder it becomes and someone may go and tell your EX that you’re making plans to avoid which may give him/her hope as you’ve “set the plan” which means to them you’re as tempted as them to speak to them.

    - Once you break up – do NOT make any interaction with your EX

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