Babies “R” Us Store Ottawa Overview

Ottawa is home to two Babies “R” Us locations. This company, an affiliate of Toys “R” Us is a one-stop shop for parents of babies and infants. The store offers a selection of clothing, furniture as well as all other parenting needs imaginable. It truly is an ideal place for baby shopping, making it a popular destination for baby shower registries. You will definitely find what you need at Babies “R” Us.

The following is a Step by Step list of Ottawa’s Babies “R” Us locations and the best means of getting there.


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    Babies "R" Us Merivale

    This location near the west end of Ottawa is easy to access by driving and bus. For a Step by Step Guide on riding the bus in Ottawa, click here.

    Bus Routes - Stops numbers 6128 and 5846 are located near the store. Bus routes 176 and 691 stop at these stops.

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    Babies "R" Us St. Laurent

    This location is conveniently located in the St. Laurent Shopping Centre. This mall is easily accessible by car and also serves as a hub for the bus service, making it a central bus location in the East end of the city. For a Step by Step Guide on riding the bus in Ottawa, click here.

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    Everything under one roof:

    Babies "R" Us provides shopper with everything they need that is related to infants all the way to toddlers under one roof. You will find an excellent selection of various items like cribs, clothing, toys and other items all related to babies, toddlers and young children. Not only will you find some great deals but your kids will love running through the aisles playing with all the different items out for the customers to enjoy. Be sure to talk to a salesperson if you need any help finding something in particular as these stores can be quite large and you can literally get lost looking around. Remember to take a list of the items that you are looking for so that you do not get distracted by all the items on offer. It is better to shop early at Babies "R" Us to avoid the crowds.

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    Convenient Locations:

    Babies "R" Us has some convenient locations, so you are never far from one of their stores. Both locations mentioned above are conveniently located to get maximum exposure and have easy access from all sides for the customers.

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    Great Deals:

    You will find some great deals at Babies "R" Us as they are always looking to move their merchandise by offering some decent sale prices. You will find a huge selection of items for babies at a price that is right for you.

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