Bangabandhu Primary School London

Bangabandhu is a Primary School is for children under the age of three to eleven years in the heart of Bethnal Green. Bangabandhu means Friends of Bangal, and it was the honorary title which was given to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, because he worked for the cause of Bangladesh in 1971. The school was opened in 1989 in an ordinary building, but in 1991, it was transferred to the new building and started serving diverse communities. The school provides a devoted staff to children who work hard to meet the needs of each child and enable them to make possible progress. It offers excellent care and support to their students in a very friendly atmosphere which is necessary to develop their hidden qualities.

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    Bangabandhu Primary School services

    A number of clubs are offered by school to perform different activities.

    Workshops for parents

    Literacy development of children

    Numeracy development of children

    Information and Communication Technology

    Offers different foundation subjects like history, geography, physical education and religious education.

    Early year foundation stages

    Special education for disabilities

    More foreign languages

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    Operational hours of the Bangabandhu Primary School

    Bangabandhu Primary School opens on Monday to Friday and offers two sessions; one  in the morning 9:00 am - 11:30 am,  and second in the afternoon from 12:45 pm - 3:15 pm.

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    How to contact with Bangabandhu Primary School

    If you want to get information about the school or want to ask about your child, then you should visit the school office in their timing hours. You can also contact Bangabandhu Primary School via phone by using the given contact number.

    Contact: +44 20 8980 0580

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    Carrier at Bangabandhu Primary School

    If you are looking for a job and have the aptitude to teach children, then you can apply for a job in Bangabandhu Primary School. For further information, you need to pay a visit to the school office and also send your resume on the given address.

    E mail:

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    Bangabandhu Primary School location

    Wessex Street London, E2 OLB, United Kingdom.

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    How to get Bangabandhu Primary School at Wessex Street

    By tube

    Bangabandhu Primary School is situated in the vicinity of Bethnal Green tube station and you can easily access the school after 6 minutes of walk from the tube station. If you are driving, then you will head north on Cambridge Road and take the first right turn on Roman Road. From Roman Road, you will turn right in Globe Road and again turn right on Portman PI. By taking left turn from PI, you will enter in Headleigh Street and then you will the take first right turn into Wessex Street. On your left side, you will find Bangabandhu Primary School. To get further information about the route Click here.

    By bus

    The nearest bus stop of Bangabandhu Primary School is Globe Town, Portman Place (E2) (Stop HM). If you want to go to the school by bus, then you can use bus number 309.

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