Beginner: How to Run an Application as Administrator in Windows 8

Are you new to Microsoft Windows 8? If yes, then you might be a little perplexed while operating it for the first time. Windows 8’s exclusive features and amazing specifications are although quite inspiring, but they sometimes puzzle users.

Since there is no context menu on the start Screen so for beginners the process of running the application as administrator might get a little confusing. Those who are not aware of the procedure, follow the step by step guide provided in this article and see how they can run an application as administrator in Windows 8.


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    Make sure that you computer or laptop is on as you will have to first press the Windows key and go to the Start Screen in order to launch the Metro application. Remember that this version of Windows is very different to earlier versions of the operating system and will definitely take some time getting used to the different nature of the software. Although it is meant to be more efficient you will have to learn new methods or techniques to get around the operating system to help get your work done more effectively.

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    Next you will have to decide the application you wish to run as an administrator, then select the application and right click on it. Remember that the mouse has two buttons for both right and left clicking. These basic functions have remained the same in Windows 8 but with additional features.

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    A list of icons can be viewed on the bottom of your screen. Click the Run as Administrator icon on the extreme right side of the screen. By running the application in Administration mode you will have all access to the functionality of the software. You will have all the rights to perform any updates or install any special add-ons or plug-ins that might be required to streamline the application.

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    A UAC prompt will be seen. Click yes to launch the application. There you go! Now you can easily run applications as an administrator in Windows 8. You will just have to follow these simple steps the next time that you want to run an application as an administrator in Windows 8.

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