Beis Aharon School London

Beis Aharon School is a Jewish private school for boys in North London which was opened in 1981 and transferred to its current building in 2009. The school is a strictly religious school which gives admission to students under the age of 3 to 13 years. A number of students who study in the school belong to Chasidic community and speak Yiddish language. The main motive of the school is to develop and transfer Jewish values in next generation and that is why the school works under Jewish Law. The major aim is to educate children in the same way as their parents were taught. The school provides quality education to their students through an ambitious and hardworking staff.


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    Beis Aharon School services

    Beis Aharon School offers a number of services to children that help them understand their religion and cultural values. The services include:

    Spiritual development

    Moral development

    Social development

    Cultural development

    Health and safety

    Suitable staff

    Literacy development

    Numeric developments

    Jewish history

    Talmud and Biblical commentaries

    Extracurricular activities

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    Operational hours of the Beis Aharon School

    The school offers services to students 6 days of the week and is open from Sunday to Friday between 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

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    How to contact with Beis Aharon School

    If you want to get information about the school or want to ask about the admission criteria, then you should visit the school office in their timing hours. Before visiting, you should take an appointment from the school office and you can take it via phone by using the given contact number.

    Contact: +44 20 8809 9444

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    Career at Beis Aharon School

    If you are looking for a job and want to become a part of Beis Aharon School then you should contact with school office in their operational hours to know about the vacancies.

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    Beis Aharon School location

    8 Cranwich Rd, London N16 5JX, United Kingdom

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    How to get Beis Aharon School at Cranwich Road

    By tube

    Beis Aharon School is situated in the vicinity of Manor house tube station and you can easily get to it in a few minutes from tube station. If you are in a car then you will head Northeast on Seven Sisters Road towards Woodberry Down, and turn right into the Woodberry Grove. From the Grove, take a left turn into Fairholt Road and continue on Dunsmure Road. By taking another left turn, you will enter Cranwich Road and on your right side you will find the Beis Aharon School. For a complete route map from the Manor House tube station to Beis Aharon School click here.

    By bus

    If you want to go at school by bus then the nearest bus stop is Stamford Hill, Stamford Hill (Stop CX). You can utilize the services of local bus route numbers 253, 254 and N253.

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