Belarus Tourist Visit Visa Requirements in Dubai

The Republic of Belarus not only encourages non-nationals to avail business opportunities in the country, but also promotes its tourism. Following this policy, the Embassy of Belarus in Abu Dhabi is issuing all sorts of visas to the residents of the UAE. Therefore, people from Dubai have to get the tourist visa of Belarus from Abu Dhabi, like other states of the UAE. If the visitors from Dubai once get the tourist visa of Belarus, can access a lot of things in this spectacular region. This includes the unique culture and cuisine of Belarus, active recreation spots, delightful atmosphere of the Belarusian villages, unspoiled nature and much more. If these reasons are convincing enough for you to plan a short trip to this amazing land, thenget the tourist visa of Belarus in your first spare time.

Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Abu Dhabi

Address: Villa No. 2, Plot 111, East 19, Sharq Area, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. view map
+971 2 445 3399
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    The embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Abu Dhabi issues tourist visa usually for a stay up to 30 days in short-term single and double entry. People can also apply for a tourist visa of less than 30 days stay in Belarus. However, no matter how long the stay is, all applicants need to fulfil the following requirements:

    - Submit a completely filled visa application form (do not leave any blank spaces. In case of questions that are not pertinent, write “N/A”, but if any answer is none, then type “none”. Incomplete forms are NOT ACCEPTABLE). Fill the visa application in block letters, and it should also bear original sign of the applicant.

    - Provide a valid passport or other forms of travel documents that may be acceptable, along with its photocopy.

    - Also give a passport style photo that should be taken in white or blue background.

    - Applicants should have a medical insurance that should be legitimate on the land of Belarus.

    - Provide return air tickets of Belarus.

    - Applicants from UAE need to provide a copy of their residence visa of Dubai.

    - Tourist visa applicants also need to submit either a written request by a Belarusian tourist company or rehabilitation centre; or rest house, or in case of stay at a private place, provide invitation by the host (national of Belarus). Tthe documents which verify his or her ownership of an agro tourist homestead in Belarus should also be provided.

    - In case of 10 days or less stay in Belarus on tourist visa, applicant should produce proof of hotel reservation in the country (for long stay invitation is required).

    Note: Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Abu Dhabi can demand other supporting documents from the applicant too.

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    Visa Application Form

    To obtain the visa application of Belarus, click here or get in touch with the authorities at Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Abu Dhabi.

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    Visa Fee

    The tourist visa fee of Belarus depends on nationality and entry. If the applicants have applied for a single entry short-term visa, then fee will be 60 Euro and in case of double entry short-term visa, charges will stand as 90 Euro.  For further details, contact the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Abu Dhabi.

    Note: Double visa fee will be charged if the applicant applies for urgent visa - that is usually issued within 2 working days.

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    Mode of Payment

    From January 2012, the visa fee for Belarus are accepted only in Euros. So applicants should write down their visa fee in Euro only.

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    Check List

    Check the validity of your travel document/passport.

    Check that visa form is completely filled.

    Check that you have provided return tickets of Belarus.

    Check that your medical insurance is valid in Belarus.

    Check that you are submitting the invitation or written request.

    Don’ forget to verify that your residence visa of UAE is also present in the supporting documents.

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    The consular section working hours start from 11.00 and end on 13.00 on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Submit your visa forms, along with supporting papers during these hours. For further queries related to the submission of visa form and other documents, drop a line to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Abu Dhabi.

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    Processing Time

    The processing time frame for the tourist visa application of Belarus is five working days. However, it may vary for certain nationals and for details, speak to the authorities at Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Abu Dhabi.

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    Collection of Visa

    Passport can be collected once the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Abu Dhabi grants the visa to the applicant. To know about the collection process of the visa, ring up or visit the authorities at the Consular section of the Belarus Embassy.

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