Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

Starving for the whole day and carrying out heavy exercises are not the ultimate solution to lose weight. You can burn the extra fats without suffering through the twinges of hunger. All you need to do is, get an idea of the foods to take in your diet in order to help you in losing weight.

You might not know but eating low-energy-dense foods and the fiber-rich foods assist in dropping up the extra weight. Read this simple guide of step by step in order to get an idea of the best foods to eat to lose weight:


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    Losing weight is not as hard as people make it sound and you don't need no expensive trainer to come and tell you what to do.  What i find funny is, you do all the world and the personal trainer gets the money.

    To lose weight, it is simple math, eat less than your burn and you should be able to lose weight.

    I have listed below different kinds of foods you can eat and the benefits. You can mix and match and eat them for breakfast, dinner or lunch.  Just make sure you don't over eat.

    Raw Vegetables and Fruits

    Raw vegetables and fruits play vital role in the reduction of your weight. Increase the proportion of leafy vegetables, citric fruits, and root vegetables in your diet. Pears, bananas, tomatoes, grapes, oranges, lemons, broccoli, and grapefruit are some of the best examples. Raw or half boiled vegetables are preferred during a commitment to lose weight.

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    Include Oatmeal in your daily food as it helps in losing weight. It is a rich source of fiber that reduces your appetite and as a result, you can control your starvation for a longer period of time.

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    Make sure to add some spices to your daily foods. For example, cayenne peppers, hot mustard, jalapeno peppers and chili peppers are known for reducing weight by increasing the metabolism rate.

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    Beans – Especially Black Beans

    Beans are protein-packed gems that make you feel fuller more rapidly. As a result of it, you do not take much food and your weight remains under control. You can add black beans, kidney beans and legumes to your salads in order to enjoy low calorie foods.

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    Vegetable, bean and grain soups are the superb super option to control weight as they are not only lower in fat and calories but filling as well.

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    Salad Greens

    Salad greens are low in calories and good source of filling ingredients. You can have a large bowl of salad greens in order to maintain a slim figure. Spinach, chives, rocket leaves, endive, lamb's lettuce, sorrel, dandelion greens, tat soi, chard, and refreshing herbs are the best examples of salad greens.

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    Pop Corns

    Pop corns are known for playing effective role in reducing weight. However, make sure not to add salt or butter to them. On the other hand, if you really want to add some flavor to them, simply fry them in an olive oil.

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    Brown Rice

    The fiber-packed brown rice is another good option to reduce weight as it is low-calorie food.

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    Green Tea

    Green tea is one among the known sources to reduce weight. Drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea per day. You can add ginger or lemon to it for more rapid results.

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    Lentils boost the process of metabolism and burn up the extra layer of fat. So, make a lentils’ dish once in week in order to keep your weight under control.

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