Best Pizza Restaurant in London

Pizza is a hot favourite among London residents and every one has their own idea of what is the perfect pizza. Some pizza lovers prefer the classic pizza with a lot of gooey cheese and tangy sauce. However, others like to experiment and want as many unique toppings on their pizza as humanly possible. Furthermore, the debate can rage own forever about whether thin crust or deep dish is the best way to enjoy a pizza. Which ever way Londoners like their pizza, most people agree that not every one can make a good one. That is why customers frequent some locations in London more than others and consider them to be the best pizza restaurnats in London.


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    Pizza Express Restaurants

    This very popular London chain of pizza restaurants serves pizza, pasta and vegetarian dishes. The now global brand first brought great pizza to the United Kingdom thanks to its founder Peter Boizot. Today the Pizza Express outlets serve delicious food along with great music and interior design.

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    Pizza East

    This pizzeria infuses a modern touch to the traditional pizza. All pizzas come in 10 inches but have flavors that are hard to find any where else. The industrial side interior of the venue is fun for a quick bite to eat, or for group outings.

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    Princi London

    This restaurant serves Pizza slices and Italian bakery items. The food is usually prepared ina brick oven in the traditional Italian manner. The usually busy venue has a great atmosphere and amazing pizza.

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    Is a modern Italian restaurant that offer hand made pizzas. The menu also has pasta, risotti and other Italian meat and fish favourites. The venue also serves salads along with a number of drinks.

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    This chain of Pizza restaurants has several locations across London. The rustic interior of the eatery serves delicious pizza, salads and has a extensive drink menu. The bar in the seating area is a also a great place to hang out.

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    The Italian Coffee Company does sell coffee but is popular for its fresh pizza. The economically priced food that is made using the best ingredients is considered to be one of the best pizzas in London.

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    Il Bordello

    Is a London Pizzeria with a great interior and unbelievable food. Customers can choose the toppings for their pizza from a very large list that is hard to find in one place any where int he city. The other Italian dishes on the menu are also crowd favourites.

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    The restaurant offers authentic Neapolitan food to London residents in a great setting. The Pizza has its on unique flavour and is prepared in an authentic style. The eater has 4 location in the greater London area making it easy to get from anywhere in the city.

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    Al Volo

    Is another Italian restaurant that serves mouth watering contemporary pizza. The regional flavours coupled with home made pastas give the menu everything to satisfy any type of customer.

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    Mulberry Street

    This restaurant brings the famous New York style pizza to London. The 20 inch creations are thin crust and covered in tomato sauce and cheese, giving Londoners the opportunity to taste what their cousins across the Atlantic are raving about.

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    Le Cochonnet

    With 21 years of serving London, Le Cochonnet offer excellent gourmet pizza. The menu also has different wines and drinks to accompany the food. The venue has a garden terrace making it the perfect place for a romantic get together.

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    Hoxton Furnace

    This venue is all about the brick oven. All the pizza served in this 12 year old location are made in front of the customer using the best ingredients in the most unique combinations.

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    Otto Pizza

    This imaginative pizzeria makes the crust of its pizza from cornmeal. The venue is only one year old but has captured the hearts of its clients with its great taste and atmosphere.

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    Pizzaria Malletti

    Malletti makes sure that it is doing every thing according to tradition and serves its pizza on a slab. The cheeky signs and sparse interior show that the eatery means business and will serve only the best food.

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    Il Bacio Express

    Is Pizza cafe that changes its menu every two weeks. This means that you will never get the same pizza on the menu every time you visit. This exciting experience keeps the venue fresh and full of surprises.

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    Pizza Lupa

    Is a group of pizza delivery restaurants that has won awards for its great concept. The highest quality ingredients are used to make a pizza that is head and shoulders above other delivery pizzas.

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    This is another pizza delivery company that aims to provide the highest quality pizza in London. The concept has been in operation for several years and has 10 locations across London.

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    Alba Pizzeria

    This venue is all about comfort. The family run pizza joint has a relaxed atmosphere and offer hearty Italian meals for reasonable prices.

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    La Porchetta

    It a traditional Italian eatery that offers great Pizza and pasta. The location even offer team building programs by letting groups make pizzas together. The family owned business has several locations in London.

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    Best American Pizza

    This place is so good that they put it in the name. This little venue serves delicious pizzas, burgers and takeout at reasonable rates.

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