Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is among the prominent cities of the world, due to its fanatical beauty and extraordinary sites. Besides that one thing which distinguishes Dubai from several other tourist places is its shops. Dubai is famous for the trend of shopping, people who chose Dubai as place for tourism their main aim is to do as much shopping as they could.

You will find shopping malls after every few distance and sometimes it is hard to judge which the best place. Though there are numerous tempting factors for which the city of Dubai is famous still the attraction of shopping has its own prominent place. The tremendous places from where you can fulfill your desire of ideal shopping are mentioned below.


  • 1

    Dubai Autodrome:

    First fully integrated motorsports facility in the region almost 25 minutes away from Dubai on the emirates highway, safe and controlled environment for the Ultimate racing experience.

  • 2

    Dubai Beaches:

    Running along Jumeirah Road, surrounded by Hotels and private clubs, soft white sand beaches with warm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf people have access to Playgrounds, barbeque sites,food kiosks and picnic area for families.

  • 3

    Burj Al Arab:

    Tallest hotel of the World with 7-star services this iconic symbol of Dubai resembling to a huge sail is just 15 km from the main city located on Jumeira Beach Strip.

  • 4

    The World Islands In Dubai:

    Man-made archipelago of 300 islands, A world within a world, four kilometers off the coast of Dubai. Ranging from 250, 000 – 900,000 square feet in length, with about 50 -100 meters of water these island’s are a must see when in Dubai.

  • 5

    The Palm Islands Dubai:

    World' largest man-made islands looking like a palm tree from above add 120 km to he Coastline of Dubai. So large they can be seen from space with the naked eye.

  • 6

    Burj Khalifa:

    The tallest building in the world measuring over 828 meters with a view of the stunning scenes of Dubai from the top of this building. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.

  • 7

    Desert Safari:

    Bashing the sand dunes in a jeep, the Desert Safari is one experience you can't miss when in Dubai. Tourists can enjoy Dune Bashing, BBQ dinner, Belly Dancing, Sand Ski, Shisha, Overnight stay at the camp.

  • 8

    Ski Dubai:

    Experience a 60-meter high indoor mountain with 5 slopes of varying steepness and difficulty, including a 400-metre-long run indoor ski resort located in one of the world’s largest shopping mall, Mall of the Emirates.

  • 9

    The Dubai Mall:

    With an Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dancing Fountains of Dubai and an Ice Rink, This behemoth shopping mall one of world’s largest shopping mall based on total area, Including 1200 shops, Part of Burj Khalifa and this mall can be reached via Doha Street.

  • 10

    Wild Wadi Dubai:

    Spend an entire day with your family and friends go downhill enjoy falcon fury, tunnel of Doom, Rushing Rapids, Tumble Falls, and the Thunder Rapids Ideally located in Jumeirah, Wild Wadi is considered to be as the top ten places to Go in Dubai.

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