Best way to get over someone you love

At the time you get the news… Your life seems like its over, crumbles, shattered in your own hands, seems unimaginable to be without this person you gave your love to – we all go through the same phase in life at least once when someone lets you down or you made a mistake for them to let you down but it takes time for your mind to adjust where it thinks “life goes on” “plenty of more fish in the sea” “god does things for a reason” once these positive thoughts come into play in your brains that is the same moment you feel a lot better but before such positivity occurs what are the bests ways to get over someone you love so much? Read the steps below as we take you through them each step of the way:


  • 1

    Let it out

    There is no use holding back the tears, if you feel you need to have a cry go ahead and let it all out, that is the only way you feel more light inside… As if you don’t do it now you will most likely do it later. If you believe you’re the type of person that needs to let there frustration out then go ahead and head over to your local gym, let out the frustration on a boxing bag.

  • 2

    Don’t turn your stress into anger

    You usually say and do very stupid things whilst you’re angry, don’t put yourself in this position so you regret something in the future – control the anger, control the temptation to let it out. Remember even if it isn’t directly to the person you dislike right now and its to your friends it means you are constantly thinking about the person to speak negative things to your friends, you’re remembering everything which is not good for you.

  • 3

    Good break up songs usually help calm you down

    As cheesy as it may sound, you need just about anything right now to cool yourself down – do a search for good break up songs and it will help you relieve yourself.

  • 4

    Talk over things with a close friend

    Don’t try to be negative when speaking to friends, just speak to them about yourself and not about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend because the moment you speak about them, everything will come back about them. Remember this time is all about you and those close friends around you, try not to take the frustration out on friends

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