Buckhurst Hill Tube Station London

Buckhurst Hill Tube Station of London Underground was opened in 1856. It serves Buchhurst Hill which is mainly a residential area with British population. There are many schools, colleges, parks and shops around the station along with some hotels and restaurants that makes it really busy place. The people traveling towards the Buckhurst Hill Tube Station are mostly locals and a little number of tourists.

There is only one entrance and exit point of the tube station which is on main Victoria Road. The tube station is equipped with all major facilities including ticket machine, disabled parking and assistance for senior and impaired citizen etc. Besides that there’s lot more to explore in the surroundings of the station, i.e. food, entertainment and much more. Places to explore near Buckhurst Hill Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops; for locals living here and those who have traveled a long way  via tube station and need some food and coffee to get fresh and energetic, here is a list of coffee shops and restaurants around the Buskhurst Hill Tube station.

    The Coriander
    Simply The Café
    Casa Verde
    Simply The Café

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    Clubs & Bars; the people who live near the tube station or who traveled to Buskhill and want some drink or have fun here is a list of bars and clubs for them to enjoy and have fun.

    Samaritan's Perth International Ltd
    Buckhurst Hill Jazz Jam
    The Railway Tavern
    Bar Aurora
    Toby Carvery

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    Hotels & Accommodations; for the people looking for a place to stay in Buskhurst Hill here is a list of accommodations and hotels for them to choose and stay.

    Clippers Quay Travel
    Premier Inn Loughton / Buckhurst Hill
    Hotel Express
    Holiday Inn Buckhurst Hill
    Roebuck Corus Hotel

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    Sights and Attractions; if you are willing to head out for some fun and to visit some place for recreation there are plenty of parks gardens and sights to enjoy. Some of them are:

    Roebuck Green
    The Elms Caravan and Park
    Whitehall Plain
    The Birkbeck
    Salt Of The Earth
    Ming Garden
    Emirates Stadium
    Valence Park
    Le Parfum Fragrance & Beauty
    White City
    Highams Park

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    Schools & Colleges; being a residential area, there are lots of schools and colleges around the Buskhurst Hill tube station within 1 mile.

    Buckhurst Hill Baptist Church Pre-School
    Queens Pre School
    Distinct Education  Services
    Queens Baby Nursery
    The Daiglen School

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    Gift & Bookshops; People fond of reading and looking for a place with good quality books  will definitely find their way here. Besides that if you're searching for some gift shops to buy something for your loved ones, here's plenty for you.

    Pretty Things
    Virgo Ltd

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    Health & Beauty Services; people now a days are cautious about their health and beauty and so those traveling through the station. There are some health and beauty services around the Buckhurst Hill Tube Station as well which include the following,

    Unique Nails
    AZ London
    French At 48

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    Hospitals & Clinics; in case of health emergency of unfortunate poor health conditions, there are some clinics and hospitals around near the Buckurst Hill Tube station which you might want to note down.

    Queens Court Nursing Home
    Health Plus Clinics Buckhurst Hill

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    Childcare Centers; for the parents who are busy or for working mothers, there exist a couple of child care centers near Buckhurst Hill Tube Station where their child is taken care of while they are away.

    Queens Baby Nursery
    Buckhurst Hill Baptist Church Pre-School
    BusyBee Parties Ltd

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