Burnt Oak Tube Station London

Burnt Oak is an underground station situated in the area of Burnt Oak, North London. It is located between Colindale and Edgware tube stations in London and started operations in the year 1924. Burnt Oak’s initial name was Burnt Oak (Watling), but it was much later that the suffix of Watling was removed in 1950. Burnt Oak is a community of London Borough of Banet, in the South of Edgware area, with a rich history of over 250 years. You can enter and exit the tube station’s ticket hall from Watling Avenue, and the station provides several facilities like wheelchairs and scooters for those people who have disabilities and require special needs, besides assistance in journey planning for blind and partially sighted and deaf and hard of hearing people. Places to explore near Burnt Oak Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops:

    There are various restaurants & coffee shops near the tube station, including the presence of some colossal chain of restaurants that serve African, Turkish and Vietanmese cuisines. Not only that, but coffee shops like Costa Coffee along with some other perfect options to enjoy a sip of coffee are also available.


    Ariya Kitchen
    Paragon Turkish Restaurant
    Star Express
    Mama Cass Nigerian Restaurant
    Nando's Edgware

    Coffee Shops:

    Lunch 4 me Cafe & Sandwich Bar
    Costa Coffee
    Subway Edgware

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    Clubs & Bars:

    You can enjoy all kinds of music and entertainment options in the vicinity of the tube, including live performances and delicious food. In addition to that, the night life in the vicinity is thrilling, vibrant and full of excitement.

    Monique Bar and Club
    Change Of Hart
    The Jolly Badger
    The Beaufort Pub and Dining
    Carries Bar

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    Hotels & Accommodation:

    A number of hotels and appartments can be found near the station which provide luxury accommodation in reasonable rates. Commuters find no difficulty for night and short term stays, as a lot of options and ranges are available there.

    Madonna Halley's Hotel
    Short Lets | Serviced Apartments London
    Bairstow Eves Lettings
    Open Homes

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    Sights and Attractions:

    For visitors who want to have a peace of mind and settle down for a while, staying in the tube's vicinity will prove to be a great excuse. This is because they can go to lush green parks, historical and cultural museum and art gallerias nearby.

    John Keble Church
    Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA)
    Grahame Park
    Watling Park
    Canons Park
    Yusuf Contemporary Art

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    Schools & Colleges:

    Educational facilities can be found in a limited number of options. Although colleges and schools are present in this area, you may have to move away a little for higher educational institutes.

    The London College
    St James' Catholic High School
    Barnet College
    Lyceum Academy

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    Gift & Bookshops:

    If you forgot to buy a present for your loved ones, or you want to make your journey informative by reading books, there's no need to worry because all kinds of gifts, presents and books are available in the gift and book shops around the tube station.

    L'Chaim 2 U Ltd
    Two Jays Bookshop Ltd
    Divrei Kodesh

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    Health & Beauty Services:

    The area has a number of spas, beauty salons, health and fitness centers so residents of this area don't have to go far to take care of their beauty and fitness needs.

    Edgware Unisex Health & Beauty Centre
    Panacea Health & Beauty
    Samira Hair & Beauty
    C S C Beauty World
    LA fitness Edgware

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    Emergency Services:

    Commuters can avail the facility of emergency service at any time of the day. In addition, a transport company is offering ambulance services whenever needed.

    Edgware Police Station
    Patient Transport

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    Hospitals & clinics:

    There are plenty of hospitals and clinics with modern treatments which are located close to the station, and some well-known doctors are serving the community as well. This is why residents and visitors find it easy to avail these services.

    Edgware Community Hospital
    Edgware Birth Centre
    Colindale Hospital
    Stag Lane Dental Centre
    Oak Lodge Medical Centre

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    Shopping Malls:

    The station has a limited number of shopping malls within 1 mile,  but one of the most prominent shopping centers is located within a half  mile distance from the tube station. You can find more than 40 shops in this shopping mall where almost anything can be bought under one roof.

    The Broadwalk Shopping Centre

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    Childcare Centers:

    There are ample amounts of day care centers and nurseries that are assisting working parents in taking care of their kids during office timings. In these centres, high quality academic and personality development methodologies are employed to ensure psychological and educational growth.

    Sharon's After School Club
    Cheeky Chums Day Nursery
    The BabyWorks
    Grove Park Kindergarten

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